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2014 UTV Buyer’s Guide

Dealers are running out of space. Each year the list of UTV models grows longer and more complicated. It’s gotten to the point that a retailer can’t hope to display all the UTV offerings available to him; the showroom floor just isn’t big enough. So, where do you go to see the width and breadth of today’s UTV market? Right here. This is Dirt Wheel’s annual roundup of the most significant UTVs on the market. Included are sport models, utility offerings and multipassenger vehicles. The good news is that the market is growing…


PITSTER PRO (TBA)Pitster Pro designs quads and motorcycles in Utah and has them built in Asia. The result is good performance and a decent price. The company offers several models, including the FXR150, 125 and 90. They come with Honda-like motors that can be had with automatic or manual clutches.