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Friday’s practice went off without a hitch but weather was threatening all day. Saturday, the track was in excellent shape until a light rain stated in the early morning and continued for most of the day. Just as the last rider was leaving the track, the sun came out and signaled what everyone hoped would follow the next day.  Early Sunday morning, the rain started and continued until just before start time. The Budd’s Creek track crew fired up the bulldozers and moved tons of mud off the track, and did everything they could to see that racing would continue. By race time, clear blue skies and a light breeze made for excellent racing conditions. In the first moto, Natalie launched his Honda out front, pulling the holeshot. He continued to open up his lead lap after lap without a single rider getting close enough to challenge him.


Farr, Team Suzuki/Yoshimura’s Doug Gust (#55), and Dustin Wimmer (#191), riding a Yamaha, continuously battled lap after lap trying to pass each other to get into second, as each fan in the huge spectator crowd cheered for their favorite rider of the three. Farr finally nailed down second place, while Gust took third and Wimmer fourth. In the second moto, Farr had just that little extra edge to get the holeshot while 19 other pro riders battled in turn one for the next position.


Suzuki/Yoshimura teammates Jeremiah Jones (#2) and Gust managed to make it out of the corner in hot pursuit of Farr. Joe Haavisto (#75), Natalie and Wimmer rounded out the leaders. Farr was working on breaking away from the pack, but Jones was determined to not let Farr escape, and constantly challenged him corner after corner. Natalie, charging after Gust, tangled with Gust in a corner. With Natalie recovering first, he moved into third place and set his sights on Jones. Pressing hard to pass Jones, Natalie and Jones tangled. Natalie again got away first to move into second place. Closing in on Farr, Natalie tried to pass on a tabletop but landed in the fluff on one side and went over the bars, moving him back in the pack. Wimmer, riding one of his best races ever, passed Gust for second place, and the battle continued. Farr, Wimmer and Gust were the racers to watch as they each tried to protect their position or pass the rider in front. Spectators cheered constantly as it looked like their rider might advance a position. But Farr stayed focused and used his many skills to keep two of the most determined riders of the day behind him and to take the win. If you aren’t familiar with motocross math, Farr’s second place in the first moto, and first place in the second, gave him first place overall at the end of the day. Wimmer claimed second place and his first trip to the podium this season, followed by Gust in third.

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