PROJECT ATV: Midwest Performance’s Nitro Powered Renegade

When thinking about a 4×4 ATV, this machine doesn’t quite fit in the category; it’s much more than that. This Can-Am Renegade is mean and puts out massive amounts of power. With a push of a button, a furious 40 additional horsepower unleashes, propelling the 1108cc monster forward with the force of a rocket. Adding nitrous to any engine will boost power until the tanks are empty, but that’s not the only impressive upgrade on what we dubbed the “Raging Renegade.” Jason Smith of Midwest Power & Performance, a Can-Am dealership based in Keokuk, Iowa, has built another high-octane Can-Am monster machine.

Can-Am’s Renegade 1000 is a powerhouse right off of the showroom floor, but Midwest prides themselves on boosting power and performance. Jason and his team started this build with a brand-new crated machine that had never been ran and dug right into the engine. Midwest took apart the powerplant and installed a series of parts from The BOM Racing, starting with a 1108cc big-bore kit, high-compression pistons, race heads and their Super Mag camshafts. After that, the stock 46mm throttle body was replaced with a 51mm throttle body to add more fuel to the equation with a Dobek 3.5 fuel controller and Speed box to assist the task. To add more oxygen to the air to fuel formula, a Twin Air air filter system was installed. A Get-Torqed Dominator dual-exhaust system rounded out the equation by allowing the machine to have a more open and free-flowing setup.

Midwest got a hold of a Boss Noss nitrous system with a custom purge and dual-bottle mount. A push of the happy power button mounted on the handlebar gives the Raging Renegade a 40-horsepower shot of nitrous. Imagine having massive amounts of power with the push of the throttle, then push the nitrous button and it pulls so hard you can barely see straight. All of the impressive power upgrades on this build require a CVT clutch system that can handle it. A Quad Shop Customs Raptor primary clutch was paired with an STM Roller secondary clutch and BRP Maverick CVT belt to take on the additional power load.

Midwest’s Raging Renegade sits lifted up 6 inches higher from stock with a S3 Powersports lift on S3 HD lift springs. Ground clearance is no issue with this machine. It claws through mud and over big rocks with Outsiders Mud Crew custom 18×2-inch wheels, wrapped with 33-inch BKT deep-lug tractor tires. Since the rims are tall and only 2 inches wide, the tractor tires rest on the rim at 34.5 inches tall. Stock, a Renegade has a ground clearance of 10.5 inches. Adding the 6-inch lift kit and 34.5-inch-tall wheels, the Raging Renegade has a new clearance of an impressive 26 inches. If for some reason you actually need help to get this monster unstuck, Midwest installed a Warn 3500 Provantage winch with a synthetic cable.

The next step was adding armor to the Renegade. A Gorilla Axle bumper protects the whole front end, while a Gorilla Axle rear rack and bumper take care of the rear. The nitrous bottles are mounted on the rear rack on the Can-Am. In stock trim a Renegade doesn’t come with racks, so having one in the rear is helpful.

To put it simply, Midwest’s Raging Renegade is a mean machine. While it might not be the best for cornering, the suspension is smooth and soaks up most terrain with ease. The lift kit greatly helps with ground clearance, which is a plus, but this Can-Am was designed for one main purpose: to go fast!

In the mud pits the Renegade is tough to beat. The power alone launches and pulls hard, but add a 40-horsepower shot of nitrous and you will be at the end of the mud bog in no time. The tall wheels and tires hook up well on the trail and don’t ride uncomfortably when you cruise the Can-Am, if the power will let you cruise it. All of the engine upgrades require the Raging Renegade to run racing fuel, which also adds to the fast fun factor of the machine.

Midwest Power & Performance doesn’t like machines that aren’t fast and don’t handle well. Even if a machine does well in these categories stock, their goal is to make the machine even better. The Raging Renegade is a powerhouse with a 1108cc engine and nitrous setup. It handles well for a quad lifted 6 inches from stock. Jason and his team at Midwest build mean machines for all types of riding. If you want to get a hold of them, call (800) 368-2604 or go to

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