Mobius Braces – ALL NEW Mobius X8 Wrist Brace!

X8 Wrist Brace- Wrist Protection Redefined 

 Mobius Braces, the industry leader in knee brace technology, is redefining wrist brace protection with the all new X8 Wrist Brace. Using the same revolutionary Continuous Cable Routing System (CCRS) seen in the X8 Knee Brace, this wrist brace is setting the standard for protection and mobility in the action sports world. 

Mobius’ innovative patent pending CCRS technology provides maximum support across the wrist joint, more mobility, and progressively resists hyperextension as well as minimizing the risk of injury to ligaments and bones. This unique design dynamically changes the tension in the cable throughout the wrist’s full range of motion preventing excessive bending (lateral and medial) along with hyperextension. The tension adjustment dial achieves the desired support with ease and the degree of extension can be limited from 10-70 degrees with a simple adjustment screw.

  • Adjustable Range Of Motion
  • Palm-Free Design
  • Continuous Cable Routing System (CCRS) For Improved Support
  • Tendon Back Plate Provides Progressive Support Without Causing Arm Pump
  • Ergonomic Dial
  • Adjustable Liner
  • Fast, Precise, Comfortable Fit
  • Odorless EVA Foam

The Mobius X8 Wrist Brace provides maximum support across the wrist joint without hindering mobility while riding.  It has been specifically designed to progressively resist hyperextension which also greatly minimizes the risk of injury to wrist ligaments and bones.

The CCRS pulls the Metacarpal Shell, Tendon Back Shell, and Ulna Shell together and prevents the brace from moving on the wrist. When an un-natural bending or hyperextension force is applied to the wrist, the cable becomes progressively tighter, gripping the wrist and preventing the unwanted movement that can cause injury. Fully lined with comfortable EVA foam, the X8 Wrist Brace delivers a unique palm-free design which provides an unrestricted grip allowing riders to race to their full potential.

  • Symmetrical Design
  • Brace Can Be Worn On Either Wrist
  • Tension Adjustment Screw Limits Extension
  • Extension Range From 10-70 Degrees
  • Injection Molded Shells
  • “Quick Adjust” Ergonomic Dial
  • Glass Filled Nylon / Impact Resistant Shells
  • Simple Removal
  • UHMWPE Cable Material Is Extremely Durable
  • Continuous Cable Routing System (CCRS)
  • Maximum Support Across Wrist Joint
  • Tendon Back Plate Reinforces Main Ligaments
  • EVA Foam Padding Conforms to Users Wrist
  • Maximum Comfort & Control
  • VELCRO® Brand Fastener is Fully Adjustable
  • Includes Extra Tendon Back Plate Pad
  • Small/Medium or Medium/Large Sizes
  • Sold Individually – Will Fit Left / Right Wrist

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