In the August print issue of Dirt Wheels, our modified 450 MX shootout was a massive project that involved six ATVs built by six different companies. The object of the test was simple: we compared the quads in full-race form. The only limit was that they all had to represent a similar investment; somewhere in the $15,000 range including the initial purchase price. To give you a little more detail on each of the projects, we’ll be featuring the machines one at a time on the web over the next few weeks.
      Dollar for dollar, there’s no better deal on the market than the Polaris Outlaw 450MXR. For $7300 you get a legitimate 450 with one of the greatest motors in the off-road world; the KTM-built RFS. In its quad form, the motor has reverse, a feature shared by only the Kawasaki in this group.
      Instead of experimenting with MX conversions on our own, we turned to the leading Polaris expert in Southern California, Wes Miller of H-Bomb Films. Wes might not have an MX background to match Yoshimura or Hinson, but his freestyle team has come to know the Outlaw and its Austrian motor inside out and he relied heavily on Rath Racing for guidance.
      Like the Kawasaki and Honda, the Outlaw needs a wider stance. This was accomplished with a Lonestar axle and Rath Racing A-arms. Interestingly enough, the stock brake lines are long enough to accept the additional width–more savings courtesy of Polaris. Rath also provided the nerf bars and the steering stem. Once Wes installed the Fox Float Evol shocks up front, the Podium X rear shock, the Precision Pro Series damper and the DWT wheels and tries, he found he still had lots of money in the bank to spend on the motor.
      But what do you do with a motor that’s so good? It turns out that the KTM motor can’t reach its potential simply because it can’t breathe. An FMF pipe fixed the exit, but the intake took some doing. Darryl Rath came up with a new intake to feed the Keihin carb that involved some serious testing and fabrication. Then the motor itself was turned over to DASA for head work and a piston. The Keihin carb was also modified and jetted by DASA. A Web cam was used.
      With a little cash left in the bank, Wes paid attention to detailing the Outlaw. It got a Quad Tech seat cover and nose piece, in-line coolers. It also represented the first time we got to try the Precision shock and vibe absorbing handlebar mounts, which were very cool.
Polaris 450 MXR …$7399
FMF Factory 4.1 exhaust … $624.99 … (310) 631-4363
Rath Racing A-arms … $995 … (320) 234-7223
Lonestar Axle … $420 … (800) 457-7223
Rath Racing steering stem … $209 … (320) 234-7223
Blingstar bumper … $179… (951) 279-3861
Vortex handlebar … $89.95 … (800) 440-3559
Precision Pro Series damper … $485 …(209) 365-1850
Precision Bar Clamps … $189 …(209) 365-1850
Rath Racing Nerfbars & heel guards … $429.95
Rath Racing Grab bar … $129.95 … (320) 234-7223
Rath Racing Rath Team Intake … $250 … (320) 234-7223
Quad Tech Seat Cover … $135 … (949) 859-7823
Quad Tech Nose Piece … $110 … (949) 859-7823
Modquad Inline coolers … $55.95 … (541)791-ATVS
DASA Porting … $450 … (951)681-1131
DASA Piston … $240… (951)681-1131
Web Cam … $315 … (951) 369-5144
DASA Carb Mod … $250… (951)681-1131
Fox Float Front Shocks … $1495… (800) FOX-SHOX
Fox Podium X rear shock … $895… (800) FOX-SHOX
DWT wheel set (G2Beadlock & Rok-out) … $452.95 (760) 758-5560
2 DWT MXFV2 front tires … $143.90 … (760) 758-5560
2 DWT MXFV1 rear tires … $233.98 … (760) 758-5560

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