In the August print issue of Dirt Wheels, our modified 450 MX shootout was a massive project that involved six ATVs built by six different companies. The object of the test was simple: we compared the quads in full-race form. The only limit was that they all had to represent a similar investment; somewhere in the $15,000 range including the initial purchase price. To give you a little more detail on each of the projects, we’ll be featuring the machines one at a time on the web over the next few weeks.
      For the Can-Am project, we turned to BRP’s motocross racing team: Motoworks. The Can-Am presented an interesting project because the XMX version already comes with many of the items we needed. This version sells for $1350 more than the standard model, but it comes with 2-inch wider A-arms and an adjustable axle set to 50 inches. It has upgraded KYB suspension, upgraded wheels, upgraded tires, and comes with nerf bars, a bumper and a beefier steering stem. There’s no way we could have purchased all that for the additional price that Can-Am asks for the XMX.
      We feel that best place to invest in the Can-Am was the motor. The Rotax powerplant is decent in absolutely stock form, but has a reputation to be difficult to hop up. Motoworks performed its Works package on the motor. It consists mostly of head work and modifications to the throttle body, which is bored out to 50mm and gets new injectors. A Fuel Management box and a new ECU are included. Also in the package are a Motoworks stainless steel pipe, a billet drive gear and Motoworks cams.
      Even though the X model comes with upgraded suspension, we went a step further with Fox shocks on both ends, which is as good as anything on the planet. This was done to all the machines simply because we wanted to eliminate one variable–when we had six different quads and we didn’t want to spend valuable test time setting up and debating six different types of shocks. As another control measure, all of the bikes got DWT wheels and tires. These tires dominated the last ATVA National MX and allowed us to concentrate on the rest of the package in our testing. The fronts were the MXFV2s and the rears were MXRV1s.
      Finally, with a little cash left on the table, we installed a GPR steering damper.

Can-Am DS450XMX … $9149
Motoworks Works engine package … $2600.00 … (951) 587-9222
Motoworks Stainless Exhaust … included …(951) 587-9222
GPR steering damper … $495.00 … (619) 661-0101
Fox Float front shocks … $1495 … (800) FOX-SHOX
Fox Podium X … $895… (800) FOX-SHOX
DWT wheel set (G2Beadlock & Rok-out) … $452.95 (760) 758-5560
2 DWT MXFV2 front tires … $143.90 … (760) 758-5560
2 DWT MXFV1 rear tires … $233.98 … (760) 758-5560

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