In the August print issue of Dirt Wheels, our modified 450 MX shootout was a massive project that involved six ATVs built by six different companies. The object of the test was simple: we compared the quads in full-race form. The only limit was that they all had to represent a similar investment; somewhere in the $15,000 range including the initial purchase price. To give you a little more detail on each of the projects, we’ll be featuring the machines one at a time on the web over the next few weeks.
      Suzuki was the first of the modern 450s to target the racer, and it has dominated the National Motocross world for years. Not only does the R450 come in full MX width, it was designed with easy modification in mind. The EFI system is easily altered, the airbox can be opened up and the stock tires are somewhat race-oriented. We already performed the stage one modifications and tested the Suzuki against the Yamaha earlier in the year, where it did well.
      To take the Suzuki to the next level, we went to Yoshimura–an obvious choice. With the chassis already somewhat race-ready, we were able to target the motor heavily. Our advisors at Yoshimura knew exactly where to go to get the most bang for the buck. Head work and compression were deemed unnecessary. The motor got a stainless steel exhaust system and Yosh’s new PIM 2 engine management system. This system allows you almost unlimited control over the fuel injection. You can also add on the Data Box, which lets you collect information for further fine-tuning, but that’s a project for another day.
Yoshimura’s race team uses the Hinson BTL slipper clutch, but with the motor work we had done, it was just beyond the reach of our budget. Instead, we opted for the Hinson Single Spring, just as we had on the Honda. We added on a Hinson steel basket to give the motor a little more flywheel effect.
Suzuki’s chassis works so well that heavy attention wasn’t necessary. Nerf bars had to be added, so we turned to AC Racing. For the steering damper, we followed the lead of the Yoshimura/Rockstar racing team and installed a Precision Pro Series. And Suzuki is another member of the crummy handlebar club, so we installed a set of Pro Tapers.
Like the others, the Suzuki got Fox Float Evol front shocks and a Podium X rear shock, which corrected the weakest link in the Suzuki’s otherwise impressive handling package. It also got DWT wheels and tires in the same size as the others.
Suzuki R450 …$8099
Yoshimura SS pipe … $595.00 … (909) 628-4722
Yoshimura PIM 2 …$339.95 … (909) 628-4722
Precision steering damper … $599.00…(209) 365-1850
AC nerf bars …$331.00 … (714) 808-8330
Pro Taper handlebar … $85.00 … (951) 736-5369
Hinson steel basket … $269.99… (909) 946-2942
Hinson single spring clutch …$599.99… (909) 946-2942
Quad Tech Seat Cover … $135 … (949) 859-7823
Quad Tech Nose Piece … $110 … (949) 859-7823
Precision Pro damper … $559.00…(209) 365-1850
Fox Float front shocks … $1495.00… (800) FOX-SHOX
Fox Podium X … $895.00… (800) FOX-SHOX
DWT wheel set (G2Beadlock & Rok-out) … $452.95 (760) 758-5560
2 DWT MXFV2 front tires … $143.90 … (760) 758-5560
2 DWT MXFV1 rear tires … $233.98 … (760) 758-5560

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