I just got a call from Gary Jones. He’s on the road, coming back from the Loretta Lynn’s ATVA National. He headed back there to let his son Justin have a taste of the big time. Justin just turned 17 and has raced only five ATV races. He won most of those, so he just kept bumping up a class until he ended up in the Pro Am class at Loretta’s. As expected, there was no winning against that group, but Justin still made the final in the 450 production class and finished ninth overall. My congrats to him and condolences to Gary. There’s nothing worse than having talent in the family. He will spend the next few years pouring gas and driving around the country because he was unfortunate enough to pass on his genetic material to the next generation.
      Congratulations also to Dustin Wimmer and the Yoshimura Suzuki team who won the championship in the first moto. And while I’m at it, Jimmy White deserves attention for his work with the Kawasaki team. They dominated the last round, and Chad Wienen was the fastest man on the track all weekend. We’ll post photos as soon as we get them.
      In the meantime, the ATV racing season is still alive and kicking out here on the west coast. The QuadCross series is raging and the battle between Dustin Nelson and Jeremie Warnia is going down to the wire. Check out the slideshow I posted showing the highlights of the series so far. There are shots of the on-going Nelson/Warnia battle as well as a cool shot of Justin Noss making a do-or-die pass on his way to his first win. There’s also a shot of the crash that took Josh Frederick out of the series.–Ron

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