As the name would imply, all-terrain-vehicles have to deal with mud. For some riders it’s the main terrain they have to get across on an average ride. For life in the soggy bottoms it helps to have your 4×4 quad set up for mud and water. You’d certainly want some big tires with maximum grip, maybe a lift kit to raise it up higher and a snorkel kit to keep the motor running if you happen to go too deep.

Custom ATV of Shreveport is a company down in Louisiana that specializes in making mud-riding parts for ATVs and UTVs. They have your lift kits, clutch kits, axle kits, snorkel kits, A-arms and more, along with the best assortment of mud tires and wheels. Here is a collection of photos from their customers after their machines have been outfitted with CATVOS hardware. They should give you a good idea of what your 4×4 quad might look like with similar mods.

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