When we picture a shop building a wild, lifted mud machine rolling on huge tires and sporting a monster lift kit, areas like east Texas and Louisiana first come to mind. We might consider Mississippi and Alabama on a longer list. A build of any sort (other than flat-track quads) out of the state of Iowa never crossed our minds. That was until we started hearing rumors about Midwest Performance & Power in Keokuk, Iowa, building this Renegade 1000.

-Imagine seeing this monster Renegade lurking through the woods. You might think it’s part lion, part tank. On it you feel like you’re riding on the shoulders of a line-backer

Dealership owner Jason Smith had his top mechanic Derek St. Clair take a brand-new 2013 Can-Am Renegade right from the crate in his shop and start the build. In fact, he started modifying the machine before he even completely removed it from the crate. His first order of business was to remove the yellow bodywork and ship it off to Aquaprint Grafix in Kilgore, Texas.  This graphics company takes ATV bodies and, using a water-submersion process, applies an ultra-thin graphic sheet onto the body to completely change the look.  Any number of designs are available, and Aquaprint can apply this process to just about anything, including helmets, gunstocks and more. For this project they used their Illusion and carbon fiber designs and even covered the stock handguards, CVT clutch housing and the engine heat shield on the opposite side of the big V-twin. This job was a bit involved and cost $1600. For a typical ATV bodywork job, the service runs for about $1095, plus shipping. You can contact Aquaprint Grafix directly at (903) 987-5305 or see www.aqua

-Cams, a bored-out throttle body and a 20-horsepower shot of nitrous are all under the hood of this 1000cc beast. For mud riding, this machine might just skip over the water

-A trick set of Dominator mufflers surround the nitrous bottle at the rear of this machine. Awesome attention to detail was put into this project from end to end.

Under the body, Can-Am’s Rotax engine is one of the last powerplants we would set out to modify because it has so much power. But in the sport of mud racing, you can always use more. Big tires and long snorkels rob a tremendous amount of power. So, Jason commissioned Jeff Ross at BOM Racing to install a $200 (with exchange) 51mm throttle body (stock is 46), new cam shafts ($450), a Dobeck Gen. 4 fuel controller ($250) and a 20-horsepower shot of Boss Noss nitrous ($1050). This fuel controller has a separate operation leg just for running the nitrous. And, the horsepower shot can be adjusted depending on how brave you are. The nitrous bottle was installed right between a pair of mufflers leading from the Get Torqued Dominator Competition-series exhaust ($795). A $70 Twin Air filter was used on the opposite side. Quad Shop Custom supplied the primary clutch ($825), and a $550 STM roller clutch brought the power to the rear end via the stock belt. A cool, custom-fit snorkel system ($289) from Performance ATV sat just in front of the handlebars.

-Thirty-two-inch-tall Super ATV Terminator tires mounted on Hiper Technology carbon fiber wheels put the power to the ground here. Those massive meats are actually pretty smooth in dry dirt. In the slop they grab like a set of tracks.

-This is the biggest Renegade we have ever ridden. It’s 10 inches taller than stock. And even though it’s also 11 inches wider, it’s still a very stable machine.

All that extra power was needed to turn the huge 32-inch-tall and 10-inch-wide Terminator tires. Those $220 meats were installed on $369 14-inch Hiper Technology double-beadlock Sidewinder wheels. In addition to the lift that the tires give the Renegade, Smith bolted on a complete suspension kit from S3 Power Sports. The dual-A-arm front setup and trailing arms in the rear added 6 inches to the wheelbase and 11 inches to the overall width. A cool thing about this $4200 6-inch-tall lift kit is that you can utilize your stock shocks, and this Renegade comes with adjustable Fox Shox from the factory. The stock sway bar gets utilized as well. That lift kit, as well as a handful of other components, was powdercoated bright white locally at Superior Powder Coating for another $1200 prior to being reinstalled.


Riding a 4×4 built for serious mud riding on dry land is odd. The seating position is normal, except you are about a foot higher off the ground than on a normal 4WD quad. However, when you stab the throttle, it feels like you are riding on the shoulders of a linebacker. On this machine, you don’t feel the tires light up and spin; they grab and launch you forward. The Super ATV Terminators ride surprisingly smooth and wouldn’t make a bad trail tire. They do grab and wander slightly on uneven terrain, but the Can-Am EPS system does a great job keeping that feedback away from the operator. In a straight line, the machine squats on take-off, then rockets down the trail as quick as a stocker, and that’s saying a lot for the added 200 pounds on the tires, thick Gorilla axles and suspension weight. We hit the nitrous button a few times and felt a noticeable yet non-explosive hit. At medium throttle, the revs would instantly jump up 500 rpm. At full throttle, it was about a 300-rpm gain. Jason did tell us the NOS was set up on the mild side with only a 20-horsepower shot.

-To wheelie this machine, you stab the throttle and punch the nitrous button at the same time. Jerking back on the handlebars will not help you here. It’s tall, it’s big but it’s capable.

Smith had plans to take this monster machine to an upcoming Can-Am dealer show, so we weren’t able to ride it in the mud, but he promised after the show that it would be getting really dirty. Over 10 inches of added ground clearance was cool to pilot through the woods. We never scraped the bottom, even in the deepest ruts.

The machine ran as good as it looks. In fact, this machine won the Bad to the Bone contest at the Quadna Highlifter Mud Nationals North. Could it have won the mud-bog competition? Probably! Although Midwest Performance & Power’s main customer is the American farmer who typically buys Hondas for the farm or ranch and high-end Can-Am 4x4s for trail riding, Jason and his team can build a custom one-off machine like this for you. Contact them at (319) 524-2604. You can also view their showroom at

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