Moose has some of the fastest ATV racers in the world wearing their MX-style gear. Names like Yokley Racing’s Jarrod McClure and Brian Wolf have seen years of success wearing the brand. However, Moose Racing is even better known for comfortable, trail-capable gear for the rest of the non-racers out there—the trail-oriented gear know as the Qualifier.


The Qualifier-series pants come in two styles—standard and over the boot. Both feature a comfortable design and fit great. The over-the-boot style is only available in the black/gray Stealth color option.

The Qualifier pants come in two versions: standard and over the boot (OTB). The standard version sell from $65–$70. The over-the-boot style will set you back $75. Along with the styling differences, the OTB pants also come with two zippered pockets. The size availability is huge, with a range from 28–54 for standard and 28–44 for the OTB. OTB is only available in the Stealth version (gray and black), while the standard versions are available in red, blue, orange and Stealth.

Both pants are double-stitched for strength and use lightweight, ribbed Spandex above the knees for comfort. The main fabric used is a woven nylon/polyester mix. Our test set size 34 was a perfect fit around the waist, knees and around the boots. Zippers and a Velcro closer allow for adjustments around odd-sized boots if necessary. A boot-style ratchet closure and Velcro adjustment straps up top keep things snug around the waist. There is just enough adjustment available in the waist and more than enough room in the pants if you want to wear any type of thermal underwear or even thin sweatpants.


While the Qualifier jersey is not vented, it provides just enough airflow through its polyester fabric to keep you cool on the trails. For winter riding, a windbreaker would need to be deployed. Moose has those too.

The $33–$38 Qualifier jersey is thin and lightweight, made from a woven nylon and polyester mix. The wrist-cuff seams are sewn without elastic, so it can float on your arm and not ride up and stick. The neck opening is ample size for big and small riders with a V-shaped collar with increased comfort. Sizes for the Qualifier jersey range from adult small to 4X-large.


The thin Qualifier glove allows you to grip the handlebars tight if need be. Traction is still there, even if you have a light grip. For use with a thumb throttle, some people might be bothered that you would feel a stitching seam.

At only $22, the Qualifier gloves are worth buying by themselves. They feature a flexible nylon/polyester material making up the backside and the fingers’ tops. An Axe Suede palm material offers a tight grip without becoming slippery if things get moist. More traction is provided by a tacky print grip that is applied with a two-lever grab on each hand. At the wrist, the glove is free of closure or Velcro, providing to the overall comfortable fit and finish. However, it does make the glove a tad hard to put on. The Qualifier gloves are available in small to 3X-large.


The comfort of the entire package is as good as any gear we have worn lately. We like that the pants have silicone beading around the waist to keep the jersey tucked in, and having a pair of pockets is always a plus. We wouldn’t mind if the pants had zippered air vents like we are used to in other brands of over-the-boot pants.
Up top, the jersey looked as good as it felt. It worked just as good flowing in the wind or covered up under a jacket. Without a jacket, your upper body definitely gets more airflow than your lower half.

For such a thin glove, this product stood up well to riding in all conditions. We have even abused them by moving branches and wearing them while changing tires. The stitching on the right thumb was a little awkward when using a stock ATV thumb throttle. Actually, it was hardly worth mentioning. Moose’s Qualifier gear is available at any Parts Unlimited dealer. To find one, check out

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