— Jumping a Banshee over a river boat… say what?! —

When looking through old issues of Dirt Wheels we sometimes come across articles that blow us away.  A staff member will typically say, “Dude, we gotta put this on our website. ” Back in the day the magazines were put together with a T-square and an exacto knife, so there’s no digital file to download. Nope, we have to scan the actual printed magazine pages, so naturally they look a little rough. But hey, that’s just part of these “Great Moments in ATV History.”

This Blast From The Past appeared in the December 1993 issue of Dirt Wheels. It was an article about the Kangaroo Kid and the incredible jump he did over a steam boat on a river. Yeah, how often you hear about someone doing something that weird.?  Here’s the photo of the famous event and below we have the pages blown up larger so you can read what The Kangaroo Kid had to say.

So, whenever you think you’re having a bad day just remember it could be worse. When jumping a steam boat you could clip the smoke stack and go cart-wheeling, into the river. Yeah, we hate when that happens and so did the Kangaroo Kid.




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