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NASQUAD Racing Recap of the 2010 Season

    The National Association of Sport Quad Racing (NASQUAD Racing) wrapped up its 2010 racing season on August 21st with a night race held under the lights at the Montezuma County Raceway dirt oval.  NASQUAD also put together a practice day earlier in the season and an all day race on August 8.  The 2010 season was a great success.  Our pro class grew to ten and our total pro purse for the two races amounted to $4,710.00.  The “Inquisitor” of Eaton, Colorado, Ken Enquest, took home top honors, winning first place in both races. He also took home $2,000 in winnings. 
    Other top pro racers included Brady Dimmick of Salida, Colorado, who has joined the 2011 NASQUAD Baja 1000 team as team leader, Joe Wright “the Wraith of Ft. Lupton,” Greg “the Russian” Kovtynovich of Denver, James Denton “the Demon of Los Lunas New Mexico,” and Lewis “the Wild Man” Walck of Cortez.  Other pros racing included Josh Blalock of Chandler, Arizona, Adam Rapier of Westminster, Colorado, Jimmy Wilson of Cortez, Colorado, Kenny Mays of Colorado Springs, Jerry Spinnichia of Durango, Steve Bond of Longmont, Colorado, and Bryan Packard of Canon City, Colorado.  Three states were represented in the pro class — Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona.
    All indications are that the pro class will grow considerably for 2011, with entrants coming from Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and California, as well as some coming from the Midwest and Northwest.  With only a $100 registration fee, 7 out of 10 pro racers won back their registration fee or more.  The NASQUAD website (http://www.nasquadracing,com/) has details on the pro class standings.
    They ran a number of amateur classes.  In the young adult class, Dayton Wilson took home the wins and two beautiful trophies in both hotly contested races.  In the first race, after three heats, our top three young adults, Wilson, George Matsuka, and Jody Garner had each won a heat, so the points were very close.  Dayton managed to win two of the next three heats, in what can only be called a fierce rivalry, putting himself in the winner’s circle.  Also vying for the crown in this class were racers John Meier, Jonathan Walck, CJ Honuker, Trevor Cunniff, and Ty Harris.
    In the ladies class, Brittney Wright took home top honors running hot in a class of 5 smokin’ ladies.  It was quite a contest in the ladies division between the top two racers Brittney Wright and Elsie Walck.  Elsie won the first two heats, and Brittney had to mount an aggressive campaign to take the next four to come out on top.  But it was a grueling fight for every lap for the ladies as they traded passes and turned up the heat after the final lap white flag was flown.  Rounding out the class were Julie Peters, Haylie Johnson, and Shelli Martin.
    In our Junior division, Jacob Knuppel took the top spot fighting off a potent challenge from 2nd placer Cody Meier and two other hot racers, Jace Harris, and Levi Packard.
    Of special interest is the fact that we now have two racers with developmental disabilities competing in the young adult class, George Matsuka, of Maryland, who won the class in 2009, and Trevor Cunniff, of El Paso, Texas, who raced hard on a NASQUAD loaned YFZ 450.  In 2011, Matsuka will attempt to reclaim the young adult crown from Wilson, while Cunniff is committed to claiming the championship for himself.  Notwithstanding their disabilities, these racers are fierce competitors and promise to be some of NASQUAD’s finest ambassadors.
    NASQUAD races are quickly gaining in popularity because we run a six heat points system.  All racers get to race six times during the day, approximately once an hour.  The points leader after the six heats is the champion.  If there is a tie, we have a head to head shootout between those tied.  This format is very different from other oval race venues in which racers get only one qualifying heat and a final or main event.  NASQUAD events therefore give racers a lot more of what they love — racing!
    For our night races, we will have to cut down the number of heats to 3 because of time constraints.  Night races will now begin at sundown, to remove the problem of the glaring, blinding sun which caused a crash and some minor injuries in the first heat of the 2010 night pro race.
    For more information and some great race videos, including two helmet camera videos of actual 2010 races, check out our website

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