Here’s a quick summary of yesterdays racing…
I got off the line in second in the first moto and quickly got by Nick Denoble who had holeshot the race.  Over the first half of the race I was able to pull about 5 seconds over Wienen, Thomas Brown and Jeremie Warnia.  During the second half I made a few mistakes and let Wienen close the gap.  We had a close battle for a couple laps before I got it together and pulled a more comfortable gap to the finish.  At the end of the first moto, I took the win followed by Wienen, Brown, Warnia and John Natalie.
In the second moto Natalie pulled the holeshot with Warnia second, Justin Noss third and myself in fourth.  I was able to make it by Noss in the first lap.  Also during the first lap Natalie pulled to the inside of a sweeper and let my championship rival Warnia, take the lead.  As Warnia pulled away, I followed Natalie for the first half of the race until he got a rear flat and pulled off.  Wienen was charging from a bad start and gaining on Warnia and myself.  The second moto finished with Warnia taking the win followed by me, Wienen, Brown and Noss.
We had a good day of racing taking the win at the home track of the Motoworks Can Am team on my Yamaha YFZ 450R with support from GYTR, DRD, Red Bull, Yamalube, ITP, Roll Design, Ohlins,, One Industries, Quad Tech, Tag Metals, Six Six One, X Brand, IMS and Galfer.
Top Ten: Top Five Points:
1) Dustin Nelson Yam 1) Jeremie Warnia 184
2) Jeremie Warnia Can 2) Dustin Nelson 181
3) Chad Wienen Can 3) Justin Noss 154
4) Thomas Brown Yam 4) Jason Dunkleberger 121
5) Justin Noss Yam 5) Evan Spooner 114
6) Jason Dunkleberger Yam
7) Jason Fife Ktm
8) Landon Hurst Hon
9) John Natalie Can
10) Nick Denoble Hon

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