A new midsize wheeler and a more powerful Maverick

By the staff of Dirt Wheels

Can-Am did not rest on its success of last years introduction of the first Turbo equipped UTV the Maverick XDS. Nor did they feel content with a huge line up of 4X4 ATV’s ready for the mud, mountains, or wooded trails. For 2016, more power has been added to thatTurbo Maverick and brand new engine sizes have emerged across most of the ATV line up. Unfortunately, there is something missing from the line up this year and that is the DS450 sport quad line. Yes the DS250 is the fastest Can-Am sport 2WD quad you can buy unless you can find a left over DS450 which you probably can.

3_16canDS 90 X 3-4 BlkYlw_15


The youth Can-Am customer has not been left totally in the dark this year. Starting with the DS250 for the younger teenage ride, this machine is still easy to ride with a fully automatic CVT transmission, floorboards and mild power. More aggressive kids do have the option of a sport dual A-arm DS90X that is track ready. A standard DS 90 is also available with single a-arms and a little less suspension travel. Both minis have a CVT transmission with no gears and a four stroke engine.



In this group we see the introduction of a new 570cc engine that replaces Can-Am’s 500 across the entire line. The 570 Renegade is not an all new as there was a 500 in previous years just as was a 800 and 1000cc option. We look forward to riding the Renegade 570 as it should have smoother and more controllable power and will make a great machine for the 4X4 Lites class in the GNCC series.

All Renegades share the same chassis and suspension travel numbers with nine inches up front out of the double A-arms and 9.3 inches out of the rear trailing arms. The 800 model has had a power increase as well up to 850cc and the 1000cc mill remains the top dog. Xxc packages are available with more color options, hand guards, beadlocks and tri mode power steering, if you want to build your perfect ride at the dealership.


The two seat ATV market is still big in Canada and some U.S. states and it shows with the amount of Max models they offer. All of these Outlanders are decked out with either winches, bumpers, automotive style paint and of course tri mode power steering. The base model is available with a 570 or 650cc engine. The XT models have a few more bells and whistles and are available in all engine sizes and color options except red or Manta green. The XTP with Fox Podium shocks is available with a 78 horsepower 850 or the 89 horsepower 1000cc V-Twin. The top of the line Limited model is

only available with the 1000cc engine. It comes with dark silver automotive paint and a built in Garmin Montana GPS unit.

9_16can2016 Outlander L 450 Green_3-4 front-2


Four models of Outlander L are available in 2016 with a variety of , color and asseccory options. The base, L model also has a pair of two up versions as well. Engine packages include the 450 and new 570. This is the most recent addition to the Outlander family and prices are kept a bit lower by using steel racks and a single rear tail light among other items. The L model is still available with or without power steering, camo and custom wheels. We are big fans of this new Oultander L product line.


Four accessory packages as well as four engine options can be matched up to four color choices making the selection process a little daunting but there is a machine for everyone. Engine sizes 570, 650, 850 and 1000 are all cradled in a smooth riding chassis with identical numbers as the Rengade. Up front dual A-arms handle 9 inches of movement while a trailing arm at each corner in the rear handle 9.3 inches. Hydraulic disc brakes and electronic fuel injection keep everything in harmony on all these machines. Great storage opportunities, tri mode power stewing and cool cast wheels set these machines apart from the competition nicely.

13_16can2016 Outlander XMR 1000R White, Black - Can-Am Red_3-4 front


Three mud models return for 2016. These are the race boggers that come with factory snorkels and a radiator that is already relocated on top of the front rack for you. Called the Xmr, the 1000cc machine sits on a longer Outlander Max chassis and the two bigger ones are shoed with 30 inch Gorilla Silverback tires. The 650 uses cast aluminum 12 inches wheels wrapped with 28 inch Maxxis Mudzillas.

One of the most unique ATV’s from any manufacturer is the Outlander 6X6. It uses a 650 or 1000cc engine and rides on dual axles in the rear. We have ridden on very mushy ground where a machine like this would have given us the traction and floatation we needed. In the rear a dumping cargo bed lives on top of a 15 gallon, secondary water resistant enclosed cargo box. Inside, the drivetrain is a very low transmission gear that will help haul loads up to 700 pounds. Of course power steering is standard equipment.


Can-Am’s original UTV is still around and one of the most affordable you can buy starting at $11,999. The original 800cc V-Twin has been held over to power the Commander along with a 1000cc option. All the packages are available too including XT (winch & bumper), Ltd, Camo, and four seaters too. All of the 4-seaters use the 1000cc V-Twin power plant.

19_16can2016 Maverick X mr 1000R Hyper Silver, Black - Octane Blue_3-4 front


You can buy one of five styles of Maverick; two, two seat wide models, a two seat narrow for woods riding and a four seater.  Plus there is a lifter mud ready Maverick complete with snorkels and mud tires. They all use the same 1000cc V-Twin engine producing tons of power. However, if you want more, a Turbo option can be had in both the two or four seater. This year, the turbo boost has been increased as well as new fuel injectors added to produce 131 horsepower up from last years 121hp. The normally aspirated Mavericks produce just over 100 ponies.

Underneath Fox Podium shocks are used on most models as is power steering, Maxxis Big Horn tires and 14-inch wheels. Unlike the Commander and Outlander suspension, the Mavericks use a rear dual A-arm set up that we think doesn’t work as well as their own trailing arm rear suspension system. The A-arms do work well in the tight woods however and the Mavericks have been dominating the GNCC circuit. The XD version have a slightly improved rear suspension over the standard Mavericks. Wheel travel on these models is very impressive with fourteen inches at both ends. The X ds models have over an inch more travel.

2016 Outlander L XMR 570 White, Black - Can-Am Red_3-4 front

Outlander L Trio


Maverick Trio


2016 Commander 1000 Mossy Oak Break-up Country Camo Hunting Edition_3-4 front


Outlander L X mr static

Maverick X ds Turbo blue static



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