New 2021 Polaris RZR Trail Redesign

RZR Trail

While 90% of the trails we have access to here in SoCal are quite wide and open, a good amount of our readers are limited to 50-inch, or at least narrow, trails. The 50” RZR Trail lineup is powered by the 75 HP ProStar® 900 4-Stroke, DOHC, Twin Cylinder EFI engine, equipped with Engine Braking System (EBS). The chassis of the RZR Trail lineup shares a 79” wheelbase, 50” width, with up to 11” of ground clearance with suspension adjustment achieved by the 26” tires and 10” of suspension travel front and rear. It is also equipped with a 1.25” hitch receiver with a 1,500 LB rating.

Rider comfort has been optimized for the 2021 models with an all-new wrap around roll-cage for better protection and more headroom, full doors, a newly positioned smaller steering wheel for improved rider posture, as well as travel and clearance adjustments.

If you upgrade to the higher end Premium or Ultimate trim options, then you get a few more cool features. Small things include LED headlights, a poly roof, rear camera, and Turf Mode. High-Performance True On-Demand AWD, EPS, and a 2.0 steering ratio improve driving agility, while Fox 2.0 Podium X shocks make your ride as smooth as possible. Integrated Rockford Fosgate audio compatible with Bluetooth, USB, and AM/FM radio keeps you pumped on your ride while the 7” Ride Command touch display keeps you informed with GPS, group ride, topographic mapping, and a rider information center.


Polaris is known for having an extensive line of accessories for all their machines, and the Trail models are no exception. All trim options come with a 3-position PULSE bar that can easily be switched out for the 6-position version to handle all your accessory needs. 29 accessories have been launched for the new RZR Trail models that include improved cab sealing options, windshields, and better climate control with new venting options, fan speeds, and temperature control rather than the previous “on/off” system. Prices start at $13,399 for the RZR Trail sport, $15,499 for the Premium, and $16,999 for the Ultimate.




If you are really serious about taking on tough trails and long rides, then consider the fully redesigned RZR Trail S. The S version has all the same perks of the regular Trail, just with a few upgrades. The width jumps up to 60”, ground clearance reaches 12.5” and has the option to increase to 100 horsepower. The base model Trail S 900 sport comes standard with the full doors, rider info center, and FOX 2.0 Podium Shocks but again with the Premium and Ultimate models you get better features all around. Standard upgrades include small things like a poly roof, rear camera, and bright LED headlights. Big upgrades include full Ride Command capability on a 7” glove-touch display, along with integrated Rockford Fosgate stage one audio, and 2” Walker Evans needle shocks with 16-position adjustable clickers both front and rear.

While most of the new comfort factors are carried over from the regular Trail sport models, the door design is key to the Trail S. Bowed full doors in the 60” wide machine give you more elbow room to drive comfortably. Prices range from $15,299 for the RZR Trail S 900 sport, $17,299 for the 1000 Premium, and $18,999 for the high-end Ultimate.

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