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PRESS RELEASE: Building on the success of our high-quality OEM replacement rods, Hot Rods crankshafts have become the first choice for aftermarket OEM quality replacement cranks! These replacement crankshafts are regarded as the premiere alternative to costly options from the manufacturer. In addition to being a cost-effective alternative, Hot Rods crankshafts also bring a level of uncompromising quality, design and innovation not seen in its competitors.

Hot Rods connecting rods are forged from Nickel-Chrome-Moly steel and are designed for optimal strength & durability. The bores are hardened and finish honed for ultimate precision down to the micron. And to achieve the highest degree of strength and accuracy, Hot Rods makes the gears at a quality level of DIN Class 9 or better! For more information call us at 515-402-8000 or visit

All crankshafts are sold complete and ready for installation with the original proven Hot Rods connecting rods, top end bearings and crankshaft webs. Factory assembled and trued to OEM specifications, Hot Rods cranks will meet or surpass the OEM in performance and durability. Crankshafts are fully rebuildable with genuine Hot Rods connecting rods and bearings. Multi-cylinder applications are sold complete with main bearings (unless specified otherwise).

Hot Rods #4431 Crankshaft Assembly & Rod — Priced at $529.95

This fully assembled and factory trued Original Hot Rods crankshaft has a long list of Arctic Cat ATV and UTV applications (listed below)! The crankshaft is sold complete and ready for installation. Hot Rods crankshafts always meet or surpass OEM in performance & durability. Ask your local dealer about these crankshafts today!

Arctic Cat ATV/UTV Applications Include:

* ’06, ’10 -’12 650 H1 4×4

* ’06 -’09 650 H1 Prowler XT

* ’07-’09 650 H1 TBX

* ’08, ’12-’13 700 EFI 4×4

* ’08-’15 700 H1

* ’14 -’16 700 Mud Pro LTD

* ’11 -’16 700 Prowler HDX

* ’09-’16 700 Prowler XT

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