— Pumps water from hose, bucket or lake —

The WORX Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner is a new way to wash your quad or UTV while away from your home. A water hose can attach to it, but if one is not available you can draw water from a nearby creek or lake. Or, you can fill a bucket from a water source and have the Hydroshot pump water from it.

You’ve seen other power washers where the separate pump system is on wheels with an electrical cord (or gas motor). With the Hydroshot the pump is inside the top portion of the handle. Below the squeeze grip handle is the 20V battery pack that powers the electric pump.

With the long nozzle attachment the Hydroshot can shoot water with up to 320 PSI pressure. The shorter nozzle allows up to 94 PSI. The end fitting rotates to choose narrow or wider water sprays, and the trigger has two speeds.

The battery provides around 20 minutes of spraying time at 320 PSI. The included charger takes around 5 hours to get the battery back up to full charge. The 20V MAX 2.0 AH battery has LED light bars indicating how much charge is left.

The WORX Hydroshot sells for $119.99 and comes with a long and short wand, battery, charger, 20 foot siphon hose and carrying bag. There are some stores that carry it, but you can also order it direct from WORX by going to their website>

Since the Hydroshot is small and compact it’d be easy to stash inside your truck when you go for a weekend ride. While at the campsite you don’t have to sit there looking at your muddy machine. You now have a way to get it looking like new again.

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