New HMF Aftermarket Can-Am Accessories


Black Out in Color

“With the HMF™ Blackout, we cover the head pipe, inlet and end cap with a high temperature ceramic coating that increases impact strength while increasing resistance to abrasion, corrosion, and chemicals. Now, you can blackout any Performance Series exhaust and choose from our selection of manufacturer colors to give your exhaust a completely unique look that perfectly fits your machine”


The Can-Am® Maverick Trail is available as a Slip-On or Full System in the Titan-QS and Titan-XL exhaust series.  The systems add up to 3 horse power and 4lb of torque.


The Stainless Steel exhaust system adds a ton of durability to the exhaust of the Trail.  Each system comes with a forestry approved USFS Spark Arrester and the exhaust tone itself is a deep, aggressive sound that is available in the Quiet or Extra Loud.


The after market Titan slip on exhaust and Titan XL full exhaust system are only available for the Can-Am Trail 100, not for the Trail 800.


The HMF line for the Can-Am Trail also includes front and rear bumper add-ons in four factory Can-Am colors; black, red, blue, and yellow.

HMF-CanAm-Trail-1000-aftermarket-front-bumper-yellow HMF-CanAm-trail-1000-aftermarket-front-bumper-red HMF-CanAm-Trail-1000-aftermarket-front-bumper-blue


Color Match Rear Bumper



To find out more about the HMF aftermarket exhaust systems and parts for the Can-Am Trail 1000 check out the HMF site for info and pricing.

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