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Can-Am consistently pushes the envelope with their ATV and UTV lines. We thought they provided enough great upgrades on the Outlander and Renegade ATV lines to keep us four-wheeler riders enthused for 2019 models. They even introduced the impressive new 60-inch-wide Maverick Sport model that is based on the Maverick Trail. Can-Am couldn’t stop there for the year. No, instead they had a late introduction of models that includes the all-new four-seat Maverick Sport Max DPS 1000R! 

The new Maverick Sport X rc is designed to battle through the harshest desert elements. It comes with a 4500-pound winch in case you get stuck.


Can-Am revealed two new model variations to the 2019 Maverick Sport two-seat lineup. Rock-crawling enthusiasts can now enjoy the Maverick Sport X rc. This nimble machine starts at a price of $21,299 and comes with a wider stance for more stability at 64 inches. The new front and rear arched suspension setup allows for more wheel travel over the 60-inch Sport models. The front runs at 14.75 instead of 12 inches, and the rear at 14.75 instead of 13 inches of travel. Included in the rc package are interior and exterior protection upgrades, Fox 2.5 adjustable Podium shocks, and Can-Am’s Smart-Lok front differential technology with Rock mode. A set of 30-inch-tall Maxxis Liberty tires (a tire the staff favors) help add more ground clearance to the new model. Can-Am rounded this model off with bumpers, rock sliders, protective skid plates and a 4500-pound winch to help tackle gnarly, rocky terrain. FREE $25 GIFT CARD>

The Maverick Sport X rc has more wheel travel and a 4-inch-wider stance than the base Sport model. It comes with protective bumpers and skid plates for rock crawling.


The next terrain-specific addition is the Maverick Sport X mr. It shares similar width and height dimensions as the rc, but it is designed to go deep in the mud. A set of ITP Cryptid 30-inch tires are ready to claw through the thick, and a snorkel system is implemented to keep your ride breathing right when you bury it deep.

Like the X rc, the X mr has a fully locking front differential, so you have a greater chance climbing out of the pits with ease. The machine has 15 inches of ground clearance, and it also comes with a 4500-pound winch. Additional fender flares were added to the X mr to try to keep the collateral mud spread into the cockpit to the minimum. The Maverick Sport X mr starts at a price tag of $20,999.

The all-new Max shares the same Rotax 1000R engine as the Sport DPS 1000R model, and it comes standard with electronic power steering.


The all-new Maverick Sport Max DPS 1000R is the cherry on top for the lineup. Can-Am couldn’t let Polaris keep a stronghold on the 60-inch sport market in either the two- or four-seat class. The new Max shares the same potent V-twin engine as the Sport, with the ability to change driving modes for a smooth or sporty power output. Up to four people can enjoy this vehicle at a time, and the price tag is a reasonable $18,999 for a starting price. Fox 2.0 Podium QS3 shocks come on each corner, and the power steering system has three different modes you can choose to suit your driving style. Can-Am already has over 200 accessories ready to go for this machine too.

Another new edition to the Sport line is the X mr. It comes with a snorkel setup for going deep in mud and water and has a 64-inch-wide stance for stability.



Another new model upgrade for this late 2019 release is the Defender Max X mr. This six-seater rig is designed to dwell in muddy bottoms and provide a great time with your friends or family. Just like the Maverick Sport line, the utility Defender Max X mr gets additional width and ground clearance with more suspension travel for a smoother ride. Mud tires are included in the package, along with a winch to get you unstuck along the way. The 4×4 system has multiple modes, and one of which is a front fully locking differential mode. Fox shocks, and full net doors are a few more benefits to this mud-specific model of the Defender. A brilliant yellow and black color scheme comes on this machine.

Can-Am’s Maverick Sport Max DPS 1000R allows you to take two more riders along for the fun rides in tighter trails.



Finally, Can-Am released the Outlander 6×6 450 at their September dealer show. The engine is a 427cc single-cylinder mill that has 38 horsepower pushing all six wheels. Sometimes the trails are too narrow to fit a wide machine but you still need to utilize the capabilities of a cargo platform. That is exactly what this ATV is designed for. It can hold 350 pounds of cargo on the rear bed, and the transmission has a reduced low gear to help you haul. The machine has a rear passenger seat with a back rest and hand-holds. To help you control the length and weight of the machine is Can-Am’s dynamic power steering that has three strength modes you can toggle through. This machine will run you a starting price of $9999.

This is a muddy-fun-inspired utility UTV that wants to go out and play after getting work done. The Defender Max X mr has 30-inch ITP mud tires on it.

Can-Am constantly keeps us on our toes with their model line-ups. Every six months they plan to release a UTV model upgrade or an all-new addition. We can’t wait to see what is next! Go to to check out all of their impressive machines.


Can-Am’s new Outlander 6×6 450 is made for the tough tasks around the ranch. It can hold a passenger, as well as up to 350 pounds on the cargo bed.

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