New, wider, long-travel General XP 1000

By the staff of Dirt Wheels

The Polaris General family continues to expand. The latest additions are the 64-inch General XP 1000 Deluxe and the General XP 4 1000 Deluxe.


In actuality, Polaris has defined the sport-utility segment with the General line. Whether in response to the General or just to entice new buyers, most utility machines have upped the performance, features, and suspension.

A fine example is the utilitarian Polaris Ranger. Late models are more than capable of recreational use. Even with improved utility models, the General line remains unique and almost in a class of its own. So Polaris is now calling the General line the “adventure crossover side-by-side segment.”

These are favorites for us. In particular, the General has one of our favorite cabs. It has sleek, comfortable doors that keep Mother Nature out, a seating position that allows easy in and out, as well as great visibility forward. 

Dirt Wheels has long been of the opinion that the General is an RZR for those who feel compelled to own a machine with bona-fide utility, even if they use it 90 percent for crossover recreation.

Now Polaris has augmented the General line with the all-new 64-inch Polaris General XP 1000 and General XP 4 1000 two- and four-seat models with 100 horsepower, a wider 64-inch stance, and more ground clearance. Polaris claims the General XP 1000 lineup “is a redesigned, re-engineered machine built for outdoor adventure, balancing performance and workability, while delivering extreme comfort for all-day riding.”

The basics are a 64-inch stance with aggressive styling, oversized 30-inch Pro Armor Crawler tires on 5-inch rims, 14 inches of front- and rear-wheel travel, and 13.5 inches of ground clearance.

In terms of rolling stock, Polaris put the General XP 1000 and XP 4 1000 right with the sportiest UTVs made. The track width is also standard for the sport category, and the travel is just slightly under what standards are today. Fourteen inches of travel were standard on the first Can-Am Maverick 1000s and the RZR XP 900, and those machines were once the leading edge of sport UTV tech.

All of the four-seat Generals have great interior and seating, and the XP 4 1000 Deluxe is no exception. We can’t wait to drive one.



Don’t be confused: Polaris hasn’t eliminated General models, so there are 4 two-seat Generals and 3 four-seat ones. There is a base model only in two-seat trim; it is the General 1000. Like all of the General line, it has a 100-horsepower, 1000cc-class parallel-twin engine with a CVT.

It is equipped with Sachs shocks that work with A-arms front and rear to provide 12.25 and 13.2 inches of wheel travel. It rolls on 12-inch stamped steel wheels wrapped with CST clincher tires in 27×9-12 fronts and 27×12-12 rear tires. It is a 60-inch car with 12 inches of ground clearance that weighs 1430 pounds. It does come standard with a solid door with an internal panel surface like an automobile and power-steering standard.

The next step up is General 1000 Premium. It gains weight to 1491 pounds, and it has the same Sachs shocks, track width, and wheel travel. The weight gain is worth it since you get 14-inch cast-aluminum wheels with 27-inch Maxxis Coronado tires, a Polaris HD 4500 winch, and a sport front bumper.

In a four-seater, the General 4 1000 is the closest to the Premium two-seater. It has the same stance, travel, and aluminum wheels, as well as the winch and bumper. It differs by having Dirt Commander tires and Fox 2.0 Podium QS3 shocks. As a four-seater, it weighs more than 1857 pounds.

Next up is the General 1000 Deluxe. It shares the basic specs of stance, ground clearance, travel, and power. It has the Fox shocks, as well as Maxxis Coronado tires. In addition to the winch and bumper, it gets a ProFit sport roof, a convex rear-view mirror, and Stage 1 Rockford Fosgate audio. Weight jumps to 1544 pounds. There is a General 4 1000 Deluxe, but it has the same specs and features, but it is longer and weighs 1860 pounds.

With two new colorways, a wider stance, more wheel travel and 3-inch-larger tires (30-inches), the General XP 1000 Deluxe look ready for anything.
This blue is the other colorway for the General XP 1000 Deluxe and the General XP 4 1000 Deluxe. The XP 4 has one of our favorite interiors for UTVs.


Finally, there are the two General XPs: the General XP 1000 Deluxe and the General XP4 1000 Deluxe. Wider, high-clearance A-arms supply the 14 inches of wheel travel controlled by Walker Evans piggyback Velocity shocks. The wheels are still cast aluminum, but for the XPs they are 15-inchers wrapped with 30-inch Pro Armor Crawler XG tires.

Unlike the other Generals, the XPs use the same size tires on all four corners. In addition, as Deluxe models they have all of the features of the narrower Deluxe models. Weight jumps to 1703 pounds for the two-seater and 2049 pounds for the four-seater.

With 14 inches of travel the General XP 1000 Deluxe matches the Honda Talon X or the 64-inch Can-Am Maverick Sport, so it is in good company.

The General XP 1000 and XP 4 1000 are equipped with new long-distance LED headlights that draw less power but provide a brighter view of the trail. Furthermore, the machines have redesigned, high-coverage fender flares to block debris and mud from riders while adding a flair of style to the body.

All of the 60-inch General models are super sporty for a utility-capable machine, so Polaris has taken to calling it a “crossover” UTV.


Remember that despite all of these performance numbers, the Generals all have a full cargo bed with a tailgate to get lots of work done. Unlike the vast majority of sport UTVs, the Generals all have cargo carrying capacity and 1500 pounds of towing capacity with a hitch standard. In-cab you will find 23 liters of storage. Located in the center divider, center console, and glove box, each storage compartment was designed to be easily accessed.

No doubt the 60-inch versions of the General will remain popular in the woodsy parts of the country. We like this new red version.

The new General XP 1000 is available with the Ride Command Factory Choice package infotainment system with a 7-inch glove-touch display. The package comes standard with Rockford Fosgate Stage 4 audio, the UTV industry’s first tuned and factory-installed, 400-watt, Stage 4 system with four speakers and subwoofer kit.

The General XP 1000 line is available in new Matte Navy Blue and a Glossy Stealth Grey starting at $22,999, while the General XP 4 1000 begins at $24,999. The General XP 1000 and XP 4 1000 machines will begin shipping in October in time for prime off-road riding, vacation, and hunting seasons. For more information,
visit www.general.polaris.com.

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