— Polaris has added a new model to its Ranger UTV lineup aimed at the younger members of the family. At the top you have the Ranger 1000 and at the beginner level you now have the Ranger 150. Polaris has done a good job of providing smaller machines for the youth market. For ATV kids there is the Outlaw 50 and Outlaw 110, as well as the Sportsman 110 which are two-wheel drive machines. There’s also the Phoenix 200 which is a 4×4 quad. For youth UTVs Polaris began with the RZR 170 and then later added the single-seat Ace 150. The new 2018 Ranger 150 adds to the list of choices now for riders 10 years old and up.

Like the RZR 170 and Ace 150, the Ranger 150 has chain drive to the rear wheels only. It’s powered by a 150cc air-cooled, 4-stroke engine with electronic fuel-injection. It also has the standard automatic CVT style transmission with forward, neutral and reverse.

$4,999 is the price for the Ranger 150. For comparison the RZR 170 costs $4,799 and the single-seat Ace 150 costs $3,799. With a focus on safety, the price of all Polaris youth models includes a helmet (or two) and a training DVD.

The physical dimensions of the Ranger 150 are similar to the RZR 170. They both are 48 inches wide and have a wheelbase of 65 inches. However, the Ranger weighs 673 pounds while the RZR 170 is lighter at 532 pounds. The suspension on both machines is the same at 5 inches of wheel travel.

For the Ranger 150 Polaris has added an all-new feature that allows parents to have more control of junior’s riding activities. It’s called Youth Ride Command and is linked to the parent’s smart phone with an app. With passcode protection it allows you to control who operates the machine and when.

From a parent’s smartphone they can set or change the maximum speed limit of the Ranger 150. Another feature is called Geofencing which allows you to set a parameter of where the machine can operate in.

Polaris made sure the Ranger 150 will fit kids of all sizes with an adjustable seat and steering wheel. It also has some work capabilities with a bed that can handle 50 pounds of cargo. There are already accessories available from Polaris, such as a roof, windshield and brush guards.

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