Today, Polaris RZR has announced RIDE COMMAND+ accessory compatibility with RZR Pro R and RZR 200 machines. Launched with the 2023 model year lineup, RIDE COMMAND+ Connected Vehicle Plug In features vehicle-to-cellular connectivity that allows riders to conveniently check on vehicle status from any location via the Polaris mobile app.

Standard features include:

  • Vehicle Locator 
    • Pinpoint the exact location of your RIDE COMMAND+ machine.
    • On RZR 200 machines, Vehicle Locator provides parents the peace of mind that their child is staying on route and right where they want them to be.
  • Vehicle Health
    • Check the health of your ride from anywhere. Remotely monitor battery life, fuel level, estimated range and oil change status for a confident start and finish to the day.
    • For parents of youth riders, Vehicle Health ensures the machine is in prime shape prior to heading out for their ride.
  • Issue Diagnostics
    • Take out the guesswork. Enjoy extra peace of mind knowing your vehicle is monitoring its needs and altering you to any problems to help minimize downtime.
    • For youth riders, RIDE COMMAND+ will send real-time notifications to the parents – allowing them to be proactive in the upkeep of their machine to ensure it’s always ready to ride.

In addition, over-the-air updates will allow RIDE COMMAND+ users to update as new features become available. Features coming soon, include:

  • Bump Alert – Sends you a notification if your vehicle has been bumped or moved from its last location and lets you track it.
  • Group Ride+ – Automatically track your ride as soon as you key on your vehicle with Ride Tracking+. Stay together with other riders you’re riding with even when they’re out of sight – Group Ride+ shows everyone on the map.
  • Post Ride Report – Receive a full report of your ride including time logged, miles traveled waypoints stopped at, and elevation details.

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