No, this is a special project quad build by a Dirt Wheels reader. We thought it was worth taking a close look at his machine and letting him tell us about it. 

Hi guys, my name is Eric Seyler and I’m from Boyertown, PA. Here are a few  pictures of my 2004 Polaris Predator with a 2007 Suzuki GSX-R 750 engine swap. I race it at a few local motorcycle drag racing tracks and its a blast to ride. Most of the quad is fairly stock. Some of the modifications were the top and bottom main frame rails had to be cut out and redone obviously to make room for the new engine. The stock swingarm was cut and stretched 10 inches.

New Maier plastics were put on along with some GSX-R stickers. 19×8×10 Mickey Thompson Jr. Dragster tires are what I’m currently using. The front tires are 21×7×10 Kenda Speed Racers. For shocks I’m using stock Yamaha Wolverine front shocks and a stock Predator rear Fox Racing shock. The engine header was modified to fit between the frame and I used an aftermarket slip-on to route the exhaust out the back. A Polaris Outlaw fuel tank was sacrificed to fill the gap between the front fenders and the seat. It is also where the ECU is located. The wire harness was handled by Ryan Greth at Hyper Racing, they specialize in 600cc micro sprints. It also uses a Walboro fuel pump with an Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator to handle the fuel injection.

The brakes are stock along with all the front suspension components. Half an inch was added to the upper a-arms to straighten up the front tires. The cooling system runs into a stock Predator radiator with a switch controlling the stock electric fan. Overall it took me 8 months to complete and I can say it was well worth the time and effort when you hit the track and outrun the sport bikes. Hope you guys like the quad and thanks for putting out a great magazine.

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