Mechanix Wear’s 0.5 Original Glove:

Put on Your Second Skin

The Mechanix Wear 0.5 Original Glove provides such a smooth, exact fit, you might forget you’re wearing gloves. Designed with extra thin palm material, the 0.5 Original is perfect for ultra-precise applications requiring higher sensitivity and increased dexterity. Consistent with the Mechanix Wear’s superior line of gloves, the 0.5 Original has concealed interior stitching to prevent snagging and increase the longevity of the gloves.

Get Maximum Traction with Mechanix Wear’s New Grip Glove


Sometimes you just need better traction. Mechanix Wear has taken our famous Original Glove and added a tacky PVC coated palm just for that purpose. You get the dexterity, comfort and fit of the Original with the added bonus of maximum gripping capabilities. This glove is perfect for warehouse related tasks including box handling, shipping duties or wherever extra grip is needed. Get these gloves and see if anything slips out of your hands again.

The Original Plus:

Mechanix Wear’s Original Glove, Plus a Little Extra Grip


The Original Plus features an all-new look with the same great features. Taking our popular Original Glove, we added rubberized thumb, index and middle fingertips to provide additional grip and wear. The Original Plus also features a durable, smooth surface palm allowing sensitivity and tactility while maintaining breathability and comfort. This glove is great for those who need a more secure grip without the bulk of additional padding. For more information, visit or call (800) 222-4296.

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