— CFMoto’s top model for 2020 —

CFMoto released information on it’s new 2020 ZForce 950. We showed you photos last year of the prototype and here it is now going into production. It should be at dealers in early 2020.

The engine is a V-twin of 963cc with 8 valves operated by a single overhead cam and produces 79 horsepower. The electronic fuel-injection and ignition have two power delivery modes, trail or sport. It comes with a CVT automatic transmission and  power steering.

The chassis is all new with double A-arm suspension in front and quadlink trailing arm independent suspension in rear. 11.5 inches of travel in front with 12.2 in the rear. The ZForce 950 is 61 inches wide and it has a wheelbase of 90 inches. The claimed weight is 1400 pounds.

Some of its features include: a roof, tilt steering, LED lights, 220 pound cargo capacity, DC power and USB outlets, 14 inch allow wheels, 27 inch tires,  2 inch receiver hitch and 3000 pound winch.

CFMoto  does not have a price for the ZForce 950 as of now. however, they do list prices for the other ZForce models.  The 500 is $9,099,  the 800 is $10,999 and $11,799.

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