Dear Boondocker Dealers and Customers,

You will soon be notified of a safety recall by Rehvac Manufacturing that affects some Boondocker nitrous oxide cylinder assemblies. Rehvac makes safety blow-off valves used on several brands of nitrous cylinder assemblies. This blow-off valve has a defect which seriously compromises the safety of the nitrous cylinder. Because of this dangerous Rehvac defect, please observe the following instructions:

IMMEDIATELY, STOP USING YOUR BOONDOCKER NITROUS OXIDE CYLINDERS and check the serial number of the VALVE. If you have a Boondocker cylinder with a six-digit S/N number on the VALVE greater than 132349, do not use or refill this cylinder. IMMEDIATELY, EMPTY THE NITROUS GAS in a well-ventilated area, such as outdoors, using proper safety procedures. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE AFFECTED CYLINDERS BECAUSE THEY MAY BURST UNEXPECTEDLY, CAUSING INJURY OR DEATH!

You will be notified soon regarding further details of this recall, including how the defect will be corrected.

If you know of others who use Boondocker nitrous products and who haven’t received this notice, please tell them to contact Boondocker toll-free at 1-877-522-7805. We must know how to contact them with recall information.

Current products being shipped from Boondocker do not have this defect. The corrected blow-off valve has a “K” stamped on the head along with the burst pressure rating of “3000”.

For questions, please see the Q&A section on the back side of this letter. It contains all the information we have at this time.

Thank you for your cooperation,


1589 Hollipark Dr.

Idaho Falls, ID 83401

1-877-522-7805 (toll-free)

Fax: 208-524-7381

[email protected]

Q & A for cylinders affected by this recall:

  • Q: Can I use my cylinder?

A: No.

  • Q: Can I leave my cylinder full of nitrous?

A: No.

  • Q: Can I leave my cylinder mounted?

A: Yes, but the cylinder must be empty. Using proper safety procedures, crack the hose fitting and open the valve to empty the nitrous in a well ventilated area, such as outdoors. Remember that the gas and cylinder will get cold enough to cause injury, and that breathing the gas is harmful.

  • Q: How long before I can use my cylinder again?

A: Boondocker is working with Rehvac to quickly implement a safe plan to remedy Rehvac’s manufacturing defect. For your safety, Boondocker has chosen to notify you now before all details are known.

  • Q: Where do I find my valve serial number?

A: The six-digit S/N number is stamped on the blow-off valve body, which is near the knob.

  • Q: What is the safety hazard caused by this defect?

A: The risk of a cylinder bursting is increased because the Rehvac manufacturing defect causes the safety blow-off valve to not release at the designed pressure. A burst cylinder can result in property damage, injury, or death.

  • Q: I am a dealer. Should I notify my customers?

A: Yes, please forward this notice to them.

  • Q: I know somebody else with a Boondocker nitrous cylinder. Should I inform them?

A: Yes, please forward this notice to them.

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