NQRA 2010 Virginia Motor Mayhem ATV Racing Series

NQRA Announces 2010 Virginia Motor Mayhem ATV Racing Series

Winston-Salem, NC (2/19/2010) – April 10, 2010 will mark the official return of the National Quad Racing Association. With the opening round of the 2010 Virginia Motor Mayhem Series the NQRA announces its Grand Re-Opening to the sport of World Class ATV racing and will mark the start of it’s journey back to promoting one of the most exciting sports in the country. The sport of ATV RACING!!!

The 2010 Virginia Motor Mayhem Series will consist of multiple forms of racing for ATVs / UTV SideXsides / Pit Bike Racing, Lawn Mowers, Motorcycles and more. From TT racing, Mud Boggs, to a Gnarly Obstacle Course, The Virginia Motor Mayhem Series will host more excitement than our sport has ever seen.

The NQRA has stood back for the last 5 years and watched the sport we love, move from what was thought to be the next main stream sport, only to take a few major blows and knock it back down again. We’ve also watched the economy tank and put a major blow on the sport as many who used to be able to afford and enjoy participating in our sport have had to park and, and in some cases, sell their Quads and can only stand on the sidelines now. Well, that day is over!!!

NQRAs first order of business will be to change the format of what has become the norm. No more counting on the riders to pay the bills for the promoter. NQRA will adopt the concept of reduced fees for the riders while still maintaining a world class event.

NQRA will be changing things like venues, no more tracks out in the middle of nowhere, instead we will commit to tracks at venues like fairgrounds, and established race track venues. Venues closer to civilization to take advantage of things like restaurants, hotels, night life, grocery stores, gas stations, parts houses, etc.

NQRA will be promoting events with a new train of thought, things like, growth potential, spectator crowds, convenience for the riders and their families, and oh yeah, potential for sponsors outside the ATV community.
NQRA will also be looking to combine the sport with other sports like Lawn Mower racing, Mud Bogs, Obstacle courses, SidexSide racing, Pit Bike racing, and lots, lots more. With ATV Racing always being promoted as the headliner, of course!!!

With over $80,000 in Contingencies and some recently signed new sponsors like Remington, Napa, Twin County Motorsports, Buy It Now, Cash Quick Denbigh, Billy’s Paint and Body, and more, the series is all over getting more for less for our riders and our fans. Combine this with working relationships with companies like the ATVRE Media Group, ATVriders.com, Deep Creek Advertising, First Choice Business Solutions, and Basic Event Coordinating and this event is starting to take on a form of a growing monster.

“Our goal is to sell a product to the general public that will generate tons of community excitement and involvement”, says NQRA President Randy Dinkins.

NQRA intends to start off with the Virginia Motor Mayhem Series at the South Central Fairgrounds in Chase City, VA. Starting with the second weekend in April and followed by the first weekend of each month from May through September which will include 4th of July and Labor Day Weekend.

These events will be highlighted by a race day spectator “Pit Party” so the fans can meet and get autographs and pictures from the riders, amateurs racing two days and Pro/Am classes racing under the lights Saturday night along with grand scale rider intros (similar to Supercross) with colored lights, giant spots lights, red carpet, smoke machines, music, and more bling than our sport has ever scene.

Combined with a new class structure, giant spectator crowds, 2 announcers, and more than $80,000 in contingencies to start, and you can see why NQRA has committed to bringing back the “swagga” to our sport. HERE COMES THE FUN!!! See ya April 10, 2010 in Chase City, VA.

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