You’ve probably heard of the Segway–that intriguing, two-wheeled device that one stands on and somehow, almost magically begins to move. It’s being used by peoples such as mail deliverers and folks in big warehouses, as well as people who like to zip along silently. The Segway is powered by a battery-fed electric motor and costs several thousand dollars.

Now Segway has announced that a four-wheeled version of the Segway, called the Centaur, is being planned. It will have full suspension and futuristic, space-age looks. It uses three shock absorbers. Plus, according to Segway’s website, “the Centaur uses dynamic stabilization technology to limit and/or maintain the angle at which the rider experiences the device. What would normally be a dangerous maneuver on a motorcycle or ATV becomes safe and controlled on the Centaur. In addition, the rider can position his/her body in three different ways, which makes for a fun ride. This technology also allows for a high-performance design with a short, compact wheelbase – a combination that traditionally can be very difficult to control.”

Sounds pretty fun! Although Segway has no definitive plans to manufacture the Centaur, we’ll keep you posted on it. (photos courtesy Segway)

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