Yamaha was the first manufacturer to offer a 600 4×4, which later became a 660. In 2007, the Grizzly grew to be a 700 and included fuel injection. It was also the first quad to have power steering, which is the one thing Grizzly owners like most, according to this survey. The nimble handling and front differential lock are the other things they say they like about their Grizzly 700s.

As with most quad owners, they wouldn’t mind having more power. That’s what happens when you compare your quad against the bigger models available now. The vast majority of Grizzly 700 owners say they’ve had nothing go wrong with their quads. The biggest gripe seemed to be about how the plastic bodywork fits together.
For anyone looking for a good deal on a used 4×4, the Grizzly 700 would be a likely choice, because so many have been sold over the years. It also seems to hold its resale value fairly well if you’re considering buying a new one. Thanks again to the many Griz owners who sent in the survey forms.

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