DIALED IN: By Winston "Boss" McKannick

Dear Boss, I have a Duraclutch on my 2018 Polaris General 1000. While I love the smooth starts with no clutch slip and the engine braking, I keep having the following codes displayed “65590” and “65591,” and it went into limp mode. My dealer said they were misfire codes, but could not find a reason for it because the usual culprit is the drive belt, and there were no problems found upon inspection. He said, and I agree, that my General is operating perfectly. Boss, do you have an insight to this problem?

Danny Tremont

Las Vegas, NV

I have insights to many things, son, and I just happen to have one for you! The codes you mentioned are indeed engine misfire codes as your dealer stated. They appear when the belt slips enough for the crank-position sensor and the ECU to lose coordination. However, the main selling point of the Duraclutch is no belt slippage. In my opinion, the Polaris General’s misfire detection system is overly sensitive compared to other Polaris models.
Did your dealer update your ECU programming with the less sensitive engine-misfire routine? The update date to refer to is March 12, 2018. You could try Duraclutch’s “L1” primary clutch weights even though they are recommended for 4000–11,000 feet of altitude. But, I would put my money on the March 12, 2018, ECU update fixing the sensitivity problem.


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