Polaris has been on a roll lately—a roll-out of new models, that is. On both the ATV and UTV side, the Minnesota-based company is working overtime improving old models and introducing brand-new machines that stir up the market several times a year. This month, it’s two new models: a Scrambler 1000 sport 4×4 and a luxury Ranger XP 900.


This may be the fastest, best-handling 4×4 on the planet. It will compete head to head with the Can-Am Renegade 1000 X xc. Expect to see it winning major mud competitions this year.

We are fond of sport 4x4s, and the models from both Polaris and Can-Am are getting better, thanks to features like independent suspension and power steering. However, more engine power is not something we give priority to over more practical features. Polaris, however, gave the Scrambler a brand-new, SOHC,, twin-cylinder engine with 952cc. This is not the same motor found in the RZR XP 1000 line. It’s a larger engine similar to that used in the Sportsman and Scrambler 850. Also, unlike the RZR XP 1000, the Scrambler will have twin mufflers sticking out the back end of the quad, so it’s easy to see that this thing will be a rocket ship.

Polaris bumped the cc number on the XP engine to 952cc and stuck it in the new Scrambler. We had hoped the new DOHC, 570cc powerplant would make it into a lighter-weight sport 4×4 chassis—now that would be a fun machine!

The chassis is pretty much the same unit found on the Scrambler 850. Independent suspension is found on all four corners, featuring an impressive 9 inches of front- and 10.25 inches of rear-wheel travel via compression-adjustable Fox 2.0 shocks. A set of 14-inch matte black cast-aluminum wheels with 26-inch Carlisle tires and handguards add to the list of go-fast features. Not only might this machine be the fastest 4×4 on the planet, it will be one of the most expensive at $13,299. Only the Can-Am Renegade X xc 1000 comes close to it in price.

The new SOHC, twin-cylinder, dual-exhaust Scrambler should produce nearly 100 horsepower. It will smoke the RZR XP 1000 and probably most other stock 4x4s.


This Ranger 900 Deluxe becomes the sixth major UTV released by Polaris in the past year. The rest of the list is as follows: RZR XP 1000 (two- and four-seat), Ranger 570, Ranger Crew 900 and 570.

For those who don’t crave speed but want more versatility and luxury, Polaris is delivering this in the new Ranger XP 900 Deluxe at $16,499. Expanding on the success of an already-fast and very well-suspended Ranger XP 900, the Deluxe version boasts huge improvements in the cockpit. The more utility-oriented bench seat was replaced with a pair of bucket seats similar to the buckets in the RZR XP 1000. Between those seats, a center console with storage and two additional cup holders add to the pair up on the dash.

The new doors surrounding the Ranger Deluxe are a nice touch, adding to both its safety and overall good looks.

On the lower portion of the dash, a pair of speakers are connected to the world’s first stock sound system in a UTV. The dash-mounted system has an AM/FM radio, along with MP3 ports, as well as Bluetooth functionality. Another electronic feature available to this Ranger as an accessory is a speed-key option that allows owners to limit power output for certain drivers. Finally, to enclose the new cockpit, Polaris added a pair of trick-looking doors to keep occupants protected from off-road elements. ο

The aftermarket has been selling sound systems for UTVs for years. Aside from this Ranger Deluxe model, only the $20,000 Can-Am Commander Limited has had this feature available as standard equipment.

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