PRO RIDER PROFILE:Decades in the making 

By the staff of Dirt Wheels

The number of factory ATV race contracts is small enough to count on one hand these days. Landon Wolfe has one of them and is doing what a factory rider should do—win. Last year he had 10 wins out of 12 races, and in 2020 he is already three for three.


Glenville, Pennsylvania’s Landon Wolfe has spent the last decade chasing a dream that actually started another decade before that. Wolfe started riding on two wheels at 5 years old in the trees back then. After a knee injury, he made the switch to four wheels in racing while still riding dirt bikes as a form of cross-training. Climbing the four-wheeled racing ladder was quick and consistent for this 25-year-old winning championship in 2010–2012 and placing fifth in 2013 as a Pro-Am in the XC2 class. 

In 2014, the next three years he spent splitting time between two wheels and four with solid top finishes in both. In 2018 Wolfe made the switch to racing the Pro 4×4 class full-time after signing with Can-Am to ride a Renegade, where he finished second to Kevin Cunningham with three wins and an impressive 10 podiums. 2019 was even more impressive, with 12 podiums and 10 wins to beat out teammate and three-time champ Kevin Cunningham. After wrapping up the third round, we had a chance to ask Landon about his GNCC career and season so far.

Landon Wolfe enjoys dirt bike riding as a form of cross-training, which helps him win races on the big Can-Am Renegade 1000. Check out that front bumper. He can use that to mow down saplings or get slower riders out of the way.


Dirt Wheels: When did you start riding, and what was your first quad?

Landon Wolfe: I first started riding when I was about 5 years old, but I started out with a dirt bike. It wasn’t until I was about 13 that I got my first ATV.

Dirt Wheels: When did you start racing, on what quad, and what race?

Landon Wolfe: I believe I did my very first quad race when I was 13 on a Honda TRX250 at Rausch Creek in Pennsylvania.

Dirt Wheels: Tell us how you did in that first race.

Landon Wolfe: I didn’t do so great at my first race. It was a very large track, and about mid-race I was very far away from the pits, and I ran into a tree on a downhill and was unable to get my bike dislodged from the tree. I ended up sitting there all race, and eventually got help, but I was still the very last finisher after most people had already left the track.

Dirt Wheels: Tell us what class and quad you are racing now.

Landon Wolfe: Currently, I run the 4×4 Pro class on my Can-Am Renegade 1000 X xc.

Dirt Wheels: Tell us how the year is going.

Landon Wolfe: My 2020 season has started out really great. We are three rounds in and have had some really great battles, and have been able to come home with three wins. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has stopped racing early prior to summer, so we will have to hold tight until things clear up and see how the rest of the season goes.

Dirt Wheels: Tell us who you’d like to thank and why.

Landon Wolfe: I’d like to thank my wife and my entire family for all of their support through this entire journey. I would also like to give a huge thank you to James Reeves from DeRisi Racing for not only building me the best race machines week in and week out, but also for being such a great friend and awesome support system. Also, the great people over at Obor Tires for taking me in and supporting me.

Dirt Wheels: List social media handles that people can follow you by.

Landon Wolfe: Instagram: @Landonwolfe


Landon Wolf’s sponsors: OBOR

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