Assault Industries was the first on the scene when it came to assisted lift tire racks for the UTV platform, and they are still crushing the game. Their new and improved tire rack is quite impressive. Constructed from high grade 1018 steel with a semi-gloss black powder coating, this handy accessory is not only tough but super good looking as well.

Some of the standard features of this product include gas EZ lift struts, a 3 point “Y” tire strap, and capacity for up to a 31 inch tire. This particular tire rack doesn’t require any special modification to the UTV’s structure while still maintaining rear view visibility and rear deck access.


The majority of RZR owners don’t go off-roading just to cruise around and take in the scenery, you bought your machine to tear it up; whether it be dunes, desert, or gnarly rocks. There can be all kinds of unexpected mishaps out on your ride so its best to be prepared. Carrying basic tools and a spare can be the difference between a fun day of adventure and being stranded in the middle of nowhere.

So why not just strap a spare into the bed box with some tie downs? Assault’s tire rack holds your spare securely in place even in the roughest terrain, and in addition to making your rig look good it has locking pins that keep the rack from rattling as well as keeping your precious cargo from bouncing out of the bed.  The EZ lift feature makes all the difference when you just don’t feel like bench pressing your spare to access the bed box.

After riding with the Assault Team who had this rack on their rig, we knew we just had to have one. Assault is well known for making high quality products and this accessory is no exception.  This tire rack is manufactured in the USA and is priced at $374.99

For more info and purchase options on this product head over to Assault Industries and keep an eye out for our full Product Test and How-To Install feature story in the future.

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