Summers get sweltering here in Southern California just like many other places in this world. Often times we are out on the trail in temps that reach over 100 degrees and taking a nice drink of hot water really isn’t nice at all. Instead, we like to be able to take a drink of a crisp cold beverage, and that is why we decided to test out the CoolKase by BiKase.

This soft shell cooler can hold up to twelve 16-ounce bottles.


The CoolKASE is an 8″x11″x9″ soft cooler that can be mounted to the racks of an ATV, or strapped down to a UTV. This little cooler can hold up to twelve 16-ounce bottles and up to five pounds of ice inside its water its waterproof liner. The outer shell of the CoolKASE is resistant to scratches, rips and punctures. The inside of the cooler has a waterproof liner and the construction is RF welded to keep it durable. There is a built in strap system that includes four adjustable strap ends that can be wrapped around an ATV rack and then reconnected to itself to hold it securely on your machine. There is also a shoulder strap system and a soft handle on the lid of the CoolKASE to carry it on your person.

The buckle system is easy to use and adjustable.


We strapped the CoolKASE to one of our sport style 4×4 ATVs, filled it with waterbottles and ice and put it to the test. The adjustable strapping system is easy to utilize and adjust. While transporting, the items in the cooler stayed cold for a few hours which is impressive for a soft shell cooler. When ever we stopped on the trail, taking the CoolKASE off our machine and carrying it over to where we took a break was easy.

The bottom of the CoolKASE is tear, scratch and puncture resistant.

While the CoolKASE is water tight when it sits upright, it isn’t if you tip it in any fashion so our test rider did get the pleasant feeling of ice cold water on his back side a few times as the water seeped through the zipper. The strapping system works very well for cruising and casual riding, but if you intend to ride at race speeds, the straps tend to loosen up over time.

The inside liner of the cooler is waterproof and keeps your items cold for a few hours.

Overall, the $129.99 CoolKASE is a great buy if you want an easy way to transport your beverages around on the trail. It is very resisant to damage and keeps items cold for a good duration. Riders that like to cruise and take in the sights will love this cooler. If you like to ride fast and hard, it would be a good idea to bring an extra strap to make sure your CoolKASE wont get lost on the trail! Go to to order your own!

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