PRODUCT EVAL: Yamaha Pressure Washer PW3028

Power, pleasure and purpose are all factors in choosing the perfect ATV for your riding style. But in the case of the new Yamaha pressure washer, the PW3028, the same feelings rushed through our minds after the first handle squeeze of the fourstroke motor’s 3000-psi blast of water. While this Yamaha washer may not be the cheapest in the market, its features and ease of use hold its own in the industry at a price of $749. This machine takes the headache out of keeping your off-road toys clean.

Yamaha’s PW3028 raises the bar for portable, gas-powered pressure washers. With a 192cc four-stroke motor, it is powerful, efficient, simple to operate and takes the work out of washing. The gas tank holds a gallon and a half of fuel that will run the washer up to two hours of continuous use. The nozzle at the end of the water wand contains five settings: 800 psi, 3000 psi at a 25- and 40-degree water fan, as well as a low-pressure soap spray and soap-jet setting. Fill the built-in soap container with a product like VP Racing’s Power Wash or liquid dish soap and this washer will coat your toys with cleaner before you blast away the muck and mud.

Washers like the Honda GC190 might cost less at $649, but features like interchangeable tips are difficult to install while you’re using the machine and take up more time than the Yamaha’s built-in five-way nozzle tip. The nozzle also has a three-direction position changer for aiming the stream of water where you need it to easily reach the hard-to-get areas. Even with the added, adjustable, secondary handle grip midway through the water wand, the power of the PW3028 can be difficult to tame and can strain your arms after a few minutes of use. It’s that strong! Adjusting the nozzle to 800 psi is the best setting we found in any direction other than straightforward spraying. The PW3028 has an ergonomic trigger handle that fits the palm of your hand comfortably while providing complete control over the power of this washer.

Yamaha knows their stuff when it comes to ATVs, and it carries over in the quality of this pressure washer. The pull starter is smooth and easy to use, starting the machine in usually less than three pulls of the cord. It has a choke, and the power level can be easily adjusted. There is no need to prime the flow of gas through the carburetor, either—just start it and clean away! Brackets on the frame and the tow handle hold the water wand when not in use, and a handy strap in the rear keeps the rugged, braided-steel, high-pressure hose nice and neat in its place. Removing hoses can often be difficult since most are plastic and tough to remove. Fortunately, the PW3028 has quick-release fittings on the wand hose, which is a major plus. Other machines, such as the $300 Troy-Bilt 2700-psi gas washer, have plastic fittings for the hoses, which are difficult to operate and strip the fitting threads out.

The Yamaha comes with a fold-flat handle that takes up less space when putting it in the garage or trailer. A major plus with this machine is the fact that the water pump has enough power to pull water from a source like a 50-gallon drum of water instead of always having to use a pre-pressurized water hose. This means that racers or even farm folk can utilize this machine in places where running water is not accessible. Our first test of this machine was to clean six ATVs, and we did so with ease while using the machine hooked to a large water tank. When we first heard about the new product, we questioned whether the higher price tag of this washer was worth the bill, but after some extensive use of the machine and smiles all around, we feel you get plenty of bang for the buck. For more information, go to www.yamahamotorsports .com/powerproducts or visit your nearest Yamaha dealer.

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