50 Caliber CNC Billet Aluminum Grill evaluation 

By the staff of Dirt Wheels

50 Caliber Racing’s billet grill insert for late-model Polaris RZR Turbos adds a very unique look to the machine. It is available in five colors.


If you have a 2017–2018 Polaris RZR XP Turbo, you probably look like the rest of the UTV crowd. One of the things that sets the look of the Turbo apart is a larger grill opening. 50 Caliber Racing capitalizes on that feature and pushes it to the next level. It has a CNC-made 6061 billet-aluminum grill that transforms the look of your RZR’s nose.


The grill is formed from CNC-machined billet aluminum, and it is something like twice the size of the stock grill. It is available in black, white, red, orange and a veined silver powdercoated finish. Each color is really two-tone, since the edges are machined black to raw aluminum to give the grill pattern a 3-D look. There are stainless steel bolt heads spaced around the entire grill opening, but only two fasten the grill. The rest are a styling feature. The effect is nice, and the grill is claimed to increase air to the radiator.


The instructions are simple and clear. You remove the stock grill and drill four holes in the stock grill surround. Short screws hold the top of the grill, and stainless steel Allen bolts and lock nuts secure the bottom. It literally takes minutes to install. We had the car out for punishing runs in the desert on hot days, and it seemed to work fine. The grill has required no special upkeep and stays tight with no rattles. At $249.99, it isn’t cheap, but it is USA-made, and there are a lot of machining processes required.


Only you can say whether a pure style item that could have cooling advantages is worth the money for your car. We like the look of ours, and we were impressed at the ease of installation. It doesn’t add any weight, either. Contact 50 Caliber Racing at www.50caliberracing.com or (702) 889-1741.

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