6D ATR-2 HELMET – Race-tested and a customer for life! By Travis Tarno

I wear a 6D ATR-2 helmet for all my practice riding and racing as I compete in the Pro-Am and Production A classes at the World Off-Road Championship Series (WORCS) on a Yamaha YFZ450R. Many riders from different racing platforms, like pro WORCS rider Travis Damon, MX pro racer Jeffrey Rastrelli, and GNCC pro racer Brycen Neal wear 6D helmets. If these top-level racers trust this helmet, then why wouldn’t you? 

The ATR-2 is a bit expensive, costing around $769.95, but it’s worth the cost to me. Safety should never be compromised, especially when it comes to off-road helmets. As someone who has suffered a few concussions, I am passionate about the safety features of my helmets, and I believe that 6D is one of the best brands out there. In addition to safety, the helmet comes with a ventilated travel case, which is great for airing out the sweaty helmet and keeping it protected during transportation.


The helmet’s construction is slightly larger compared to competing brands, likely due to its advanced safety technology. The nose sits closer to your face, providing a good fit for most goggle brands, so you do not have to adjust them constantly. The helmet’s modern paint schemes are attractive, and the colors hold up well to frequent use and washing. The adjustable visor and screws are designed to snap off in case of impact. The helmet has ample ventilation all around your head, and the nose cone offers protection from impacts. The cheek pads have pull tabs for easy removal in an emergency, and the inside pads are removable for easy cleaning with soap and water. Although the helmet is slightly heavier than some other brands, it does not hinder movement, even when worn for extended periods.


I like the shorter nose, which has plenty of ventilation, so it never feels claustrophobic. It’s perfect for keeping a cool head when racing in the heat of the southwestern desert, as I often do with WORCS. I also appreciate how the visor can be adjusted lower than other helmet brands to keep the sun out of my eyes. This allows for a more forward and open viewing position without the additional fatigue to the neck and shoulders.


6D Helmets feature a unique, rebuildable design. After a big crash, where my race quad landed on my head, I returned my helmet to the company for a thorough inspection of the shell and foam. Thankfully, the helmet was covered by 6D for three years. The shell was unharmed and free of cracks or fractures, but the inner liner was rebuilt with new expanded polystyrene foam. The foam is designed for a one-time impact to absorb energy during a crash. Once it compresses, it must be replaced. 6D also replaced the inside cheek pads and headliner for added safety. In the past, I would have had to chuck my expensive helmet in the trash and forked out a small fortune for a new one. 


If spending more on a helmet means getting a safer helmet that its creator backs up, it is well worth the price! 6D has your safety as its highest priority, but the brand also goes out of its way to protect your wallet when possible. The 6D company is still young, with just over 12 years in the business, but they’ve already proven they can compete with the other major brands in safety and style. They’ve indeed won my hard-earned cash for years to come.

For more information on the Inspection and Rebuild program, sizing, and purchasing with free shipping, visit 6D helmets online at

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