Modern touches By the staff of Dirt Wheels

Using any of the six holes, you can loop the bungee’s hooks back to itself to achieve a snug fit.

The latest in bungee-cord technology and a catchy name that leaves no question as to what it is. The Adjust-A-Strap bungee strap comes from the company who brings you ShockStraps, the ratchet-strap system utilizing a super-strong, stretchable section that keeps constant tension on your load, and the Adjust-A-Strap bungee is no different.


The 36-inch bungee features two nylon hooks at each end and six reinforced holes that you can insert the hooks into if needed. They come in packs of four in 36-inch ($27.99) or 48-inch ($37.99) lengths. Color choices include black, red, orange, blue and yellow. You can purchase Perfect Bungee products at big-box stores like Home Depot and Bass Pro Shops.

The Adjust-A-Strap bungee can stretch two times its length. It’s nearly impossible to find an item you can’t secure with one or more bungees daisy-chained together.


You can stretch the USA-made strap two times its length. The material is called FlexaPure, and is UV- and fuel-resistant and comes with a lifetime warranty. We spent a full year testing a set of these straps in all kinds of temperatures and conditions. We used them to secure coolers, gas cans, chairs and more on dozens of UTV trips. The convenience of the six holes allows you to tighten anything down with the right amount of pressure. The straps sat in the sun, under snow and even got ran over. Not only are the straps still working as new, they look virtually new. There is no fading or deterioration on the straps or hooks. 


We would have given the Adjust-A-Strap bungee our endorsement after the first use, as they are that convenient. However, we wanted to make sure the FlexaPure was up to the abuse off-road riders will put them through. After a year of punishment, they are holding up perfectly. In fact, in some cases where we used to rely on ratchet straps, we have now opted to use the bungee instead. Priced at $27.99, they are quicker to deploy, easier to operate or store, and work perfect for lighter items. See to purchase. And, stay tuned for our next write-up on the ShockStrap.

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