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We heard a lot of product histories began when an enthusiast wanted a product and could not find it for sale. Alco claims that this is what happened with its wash products. Thus, their new Bio-friendly ATV & Dirt Bike Wash.

They rode, the machines got dirty, and they needed to be cleaned. Often, detergents that get things clean with ease can etch or stain metal and paint finishes permanently. Others are tragic for the environment.

Alco produced a biodegradable, non-toxic cleaner they claim is safe for your family and the environment. And, it is safe for all surfaces when used as directed, and that includes aluminum and seals.


Alco started with all-natural ingredients. They claim there are no harsh abrasives, lye, phosphates, bleach, or dye. You can even use it to clean stained riding gear.

It is claimed to make chrome sparkle, and your tires clean and black. We have a gallon bottle of the Alco ($19.98) Dirt Bike and ATV Wash, but it also comes in 32-ounce spray bottles for $9.98 and 5-gallon containers for $89.98.

Bio-friendly ATV & Dirt Bike Wash

The directions say to rinse the machine off and not to wash it while the surfaces are hot. Then, spray the wash on. We cut it with 50-percent water, in a bucket, and we applied it with a large sponge. There are plenty of foamy suds. When we rinsed the sponge and bucket, it continued to make gallons of heavy suds, so we could easily have added more water to the mix.

Cleaning power for the ATV Wash is good, and the painted parts showed no ill effects. Given the reasonable cost for a gallon and the visible strength of the liquid, this product is a good buy. It still needs pressurized water, and heavy dirt may even require brushing the tires and other dirty parts, but it does a good job cleaning.

We like that we don’t have to worry about the soap being toxic. There are no harsh chemical smells, but at the same time, there is no pine or orange scent, either. There is free shipping on any order of $99 or more. The 32-ounce spray bottles come packed six in a case. There are four-gallon jugs in each case. The site says that you can buy a single bottle, too. Contact Alco at (336) 409-4720 or visit

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