The Alpinestars Tech 2’s feature the same motocross style sole as the rest of the Tech series. It works great, but we would have liked to see a lugged pattern option as well.

The shorty boot is not your typical riding boot. A while back, companies like AXO Sport and Thor released their shorty style boot that provided a more casual, yet protective, form of foot protection designed specifically for the mini bike scene. However, it quickly caught on with the ATV crowd. They combine a hiking boot type comfort with a riding boot amount of protection. They work perfect for ATV trail riding.
Alpinestars’ newest addition to the Tech Series family of technical riding boots is their Tech 2 short boot. It’s no secret; the staff of Dirt Wheels loves Alpinestar Tech series boots, and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on their new short boot. Were we impressed?

The Tech 2 boots share the same structural strength and foot protection as the rest of the full-height Alpinestars lineup, but have a lower cut design for greater flexibility and comfort for ATV trail riding.
Like most of you, we have had those times where we just didn’t feel like putting on our full sized riding boots. This is the perfect way to get around that feeling. It is never good to ride in normal tennis shoes, and thrashing your expensive hiking boots might not be favorable either. Besides, those laced-up hiking boots might not compare to what these new Tech 2’s have to offer.
Alpinestars Tech 2’s come equipped with a breathable liner and an anti-bacterial innersole designed for extra support and comfort. They also feature a lowered achilles cutout for great flexibility, as well as a calf plate designed for maximum grip, support and side contact.

There didn’t seem to be much break-in time necessary. They fit great from the moment we put them on. There is no lace-up needed, just buckle up and you’re ready to go.
The Tech 2’s offer the same great buckle system found on the Tech 10’s. Which is great news. We have been running the Tech 10’s for years now, and we loved the enclosure system. They feature strong techno-polymer buckles for easy adjustability with a precise and secure fit.
Another great feature of the Tech 2’s is how well they gripped while riding. Alpinestars high-grip rubber double density compound outsole provides not only great durability and structural rigidity, but also a massive amount of grip. The inner side of boot features thick suede and was designed for excellent contact and grip. See if your old hiking boots can match that.
The front of the boots feature dual compound toe guards for increased impact resistance. Just like your normal riding boots, you can slam into just about anything without your toes moving an inch. We didn’t have the courage for the brick- dropping experiment, but we’re certain they would pass.

We will be using our Tech 2 short boots a lot throughout the year. They are more comfortable than most full sized riding boots on the market, and are affordable as well. However, we will never wear this type of boot for anything other then trail riding. For motocross we still feel the need for good shin protection.
These short boots offer the best buckles you can buy, and the quality is amazing. You will be able to thrash these things year after year and they will only get more comfortable.
The Alpinestars Tech 2 boots are available in colors black, white and brown in sizes six to 13 for a retail price of $149.95. For more information check out, or give them a call at (310) 891-0222.

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