Testing the reserve-boost system 

By the staff of Dirt Wheels

We had to get creative with sturdy foam blocks to take up the extra space left over with the more compact lithium-ion battery.


The days of carrying jumper cables or having to bump-start your quad could finally be over! Antigravity Batteries recently released their Re-Start lithium-ion battery that has a built-in jump-start feature. We have one editor who religiously leaves his keys turned on, and that is not only frustrating, but he has come close to being left stranded on the trail. You can’t bump-start ATVs and UTVs that have CV transmissions like you can with our favorite (carbureted) sport quads, so carrying a way to jump-start your machine is important. (EFI machines that are totally dead may not bump-start, either.) We picked up a Re-Start battery for a Kawasaki KFX400 and a Polaris RZR XP Turbo to test. They start at $129.99.

There are versions of the Antigravity Batteries Re-Start battery for almost all common ATVs and UTVs.


This battery is lithium-ion chemistry rather than the normal lead-acid battery. It has twice the cranking amps and can be up to 70 percent lighter than a traditional battery in a more compact form. These batteries will release more power to start your machine, provide a consistent amount of outgoing power and last a lot longer than your stock battery as long as they are properly tended and taken care of. When you aren’t riding your machine, or you are storing it for next season, you should always connect your batteries to a battery tender that is designed for that specific type of battery. You shouldn’t (and most of the time can’t) use lead-acid battery tenders or chargers for a lithium-ion battery. Make sure you check out Antigravity’s accessory site to get the right tender and charger for your new battery.

Now, let’s lay down the facts of the Re-Start battery. This battery has circuitry built into it that stops the complete discharge of power when you leave your key on or let the battery drain too far. Once that occurs, there is a button on top of the battery that you push, which wakes it up and provides enough of a charge to get your machine fired up and running again. Talk about a lifesaver! In reality, the brain in the battery is saving a certain amount of power, like having a reserve petcock on your gas tank. Hitting Re-Start is like switching to reserve. The Re-Start is more compact and lighter weight than traditional lead-acid batteries, which is great, but it also may require some ingenuity on your part to mount it into your machine.

We utilized a sturdy foam setup to keep our battery in place in our KFX400, since the new battery was a lot smaller in size. The Re-Start also has an extra set of terminals, which helps with mounting in your machine. Finally, Antigravity Batteries is going to be offering a remote that controls the Re-Start ability on the battery, so you won’t have to remove plastics or seats to get to the battery.


Antigravity Batteries is an intuitive company that offers great batteries and jump-starting systems. They have a full line-up of extremely compact jump-start boxes that can fit in your backpack or UTV’s glove box. Now they have combined their lightweight and strong lithium-ion batteries with their jump-start features. We are glad they did! Go to or call (310) 527-2330 for more info on their whole line of products!

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