— Testing Assault’s add-ons, By the staff of Dirt Wheels —

The F-22 bumper offers great protection for the front end and that delicate and vital radiator. As part of the protection, the bumper has sturdy mounting points.

Let’s face the facts—UTVs are expensive, and having a UTV and not protecting it and yourself can really put a hurt on your checkbook. Another unfortunate fact is that most of the popular sport UTVs (or even some utility UTVs) don’t come with a front bumper, rear bumper or strong radius rods. If you’re an extreme driver, or you want to upgrade your pride and joy to have more safety, we suggest you do so sooner rather than later.

Our Can-Am Maverick X3 X ds is one of those machines that needed help like the list above, and we added more to the list. We then sent that list out to one of the most well-known UTV companies in the game—Assault Industries.


Most of the new X3 parts in Assault’s range are named F-22. That clever name derives from the U.S. F-22 Raptor jet that has sleek lines, is fast and is a terror in the skies. We would say the same thing for Assault’s X3 parts. Every part is sleek and serves a purpose protecting the occupants in the cockpit, as well as the front and rear of the vehicle.

Assault Barrel Style radius rods were a welcomed edition to the car after one of the stock rods got bent. The F-22 rear bumper has amazing coverage for the entire rear of the car.


The $699.99 F-22 aluminum doors are extremely easy to mount using the provided hardware. There are no modifications needed when mounting. They utilize the OEM door frame, so we had to remove the OE plastic Can-Am door skin from each side. Removing the plastic skins was as easy as drilling out the rivets. Install time on the F-22 doors was around 30–45 minutes. Assault’s doors made a huge improvement in fit and function. The door sits up higher, which helps keep the driver and passenger’s extremities inside better. The full-door coverage keeps dirt and sand out of the cab extremely well.


Up next is protecting the car. The F-22 front bumper retails for $449.95, and the F-22 rear bumper retails for $424.99 on their own. But, if you buy them together, Assault offers money off and the front and rear bumper package retails for $799.99.

Both the front and rear F-22 bumpers are made from mandrel-bent steel tubing with a durable powdercoat finish. The front and rear bumpers are designed to retain the sleek lines of the Can-Am X3 design. Install on the front bumper was a bit tricky compared to the rear. It requires trimming the front plastic with a provided trim pattern. Once that was done, it was a straightforward install with the provided instructions. The rear was simple to install once we lined up the holes for the radius rods with the bottom of the bumper. Both bumpers are very stout and provided a lot of protection for the X3.

Looking at the F-22 product range, they provided us with more confidence in our driving, and we know these products will help keep us and the X3 safe in the event of an accident.

The endlessly adjustable Sidewinder convex mirror’s huge field of view makes seeing behind the car extremely easy. The changeable outside bezels are available in multiple colors.


Assault Industries is known for front grills and side-view mirrors. We went with the Hellfire grill ($119.99) with white powdercoat to enhance the look and to get rid of the stock plastic grill. It took only 10 minutes to mount and gave our X3 a more aggressive look. The $299.99 Sidewinder convex side-view mirrors are new from Assault Industries. They’re made from 6061-T6 billet aluminum, have a wide field of view, a breakaway design, are completely rebuildable and they adjust easily on the fly. With many colors to choose from, we opted for the blue to add more color to our Triple Black X3. Again, installation was quick and easy, taking only 15 minutes from start to finish. When in the car, it’s mind-blowing how much you can see directly behind the car. They were a great match to the OEM rear-view mirror from Can-Am, especially when you’re strapped in tight to the seat.


With some hard driving, we ended up bending one of the OEM radius rods. Luckily, Assault had us covered with their gnarly Barrel Style heavy-duty aluminum radius rod kit for $659.99. The kit comes with all six of the 6061-T6 aluminum heavy-duty rods and all of the necessary hardware. There was no comparison between the Assault rods and the OEM rods; the Assaults are massive, and it would take a kick from a bull to dent one.

Installing radius rods on any machine isn’t a simple task, but Assault provided great instructions that showed us step by step the correct way to mount them. We suggest reading the instructions beforehand, as it took us less time going that route. Once we aligned them all and our rear tires were lined up properly, we took out the X3 for a test. It handled as well as the first day we drove it.

The doors are probably our favorite pieces. They mount to the stock door frames, and within minutes we had a full aluminum door that will keep us safe for miles to come.


The great thing is, all of these parts will fit any Can-Am X3 model that is currently produced, and Assault has radius rod kits that will fit the 72-inch X rs model as well. We’re always impressed with the quality and attention to detail the guys over at Assault Industries offer. Not only did we feel safer, but the Assault parts helped give the X3 a more fighter-jet look. Winning in all aspects with these parts and loving it all.

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