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For explorers, your smartphone has benefits of a camera and now great tracking and GPS map apps. However, quickly accessing your device on the trail is a hassle when sitting down strapped into your seat belts and harnesses. Just like how Assault Industries fixes problems on all facets of UTVs, they have the solution for your smartphone needs as well. 

We use tracking and map apps constantly when exploring new trails and testing machines. The Assault Industries mobile device holder is the best way to safely carry and access your phone in any UTV we have found to date.

The new device holder solves this dilemma with an adjustment range that will fit most modern phones and multiple mounting options, so you can attach it to different spots on any UTV. The $59.99 product is a mix of plastic and aluminum with padded feet and back to protect your phone from being scratched. How it works is that the unit is separated in two pieces that slide in channels and are spring-loaded to keep them together. We used the ($39.99) Ram mount option and U-bolted that to the passenger grab bar of our Maverick Sport. A roll-cage mount is included in the kit, or you can go for the magnet mount for an extra $29.99.

With the Ram mount snugged up and the holder positioned to your liking, you can grab the phone and remove it quickly only using one hand. You can reinstall it with one hand, too. What we also liked when the mount is positioned properly is that the device doesn’t block the camera lens on our iPhone 11. It did block a portion of the frame when the camera was in wide-angle mode, though. But for normal usage, we could leave the camera in the mount and take photos, selfies or POV videos. 

The base kit comes with a fixed-mount option and roll-cage clamp. The Ram mount option is $40, and the swivel magnaetic mount is $30. Give Assault Industries a call at (714) 799-6711 and tell them you saw this product in Dirt Wheels.

We have used the holder on several long rides and in multiple vehicles now, and we’ve come to rely on it. It has proven to be super strong and hasn’t given us any trouble, even when riding in dusty or rough conditions. Assault’s mobile device holder is one of those items we don’t leave home without. The first time you use one, you will feel the same.

To pick this up or any of Assault Industries’ UTV product solutions, call them directly at (714) 799-6711 or visit

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