q There are many ways to air up a flat tire out on the trail; 12-volt mini air compressors and CO2 cartridges are the most common. These work good if you have the right cargo space available and the proper power supply. We use products from Genuine Innovations and Slime on a regular basis and have had a lot of success with them.

A new way to air up a flat tire has come along in the form of a product called ATVAIR. The $19.95 device is very simple: it’s an 8-foot-long heavy-duty vinyl hose with an air chuck on one end and a cone-shaped rubber plug on the other. Another version, called UTVAIR, comes with a 12-foot hose and is available for an extra $2. The product is designed to take exhaust pressure from your quad’s muffler and transfer it into any low tire. The only limitation that the ATVAIR has is that it has to be used on a quad with a muffler that has a 1 1/2-inch or smaller exhaust exit tube; nearly all stock, sport and utility mufflers do. Most aftermarket mufflers have much larger openings.
On the exhaust side, we used a gloved hand to hold the cone to the muffler. You want some exhaust to escape so the motor stays running. On the tire side, the chuck clips to the valve stem and holds itself in place.


As simple of an idea as the ATVAIR is, it works great. For testing’s sake, we let the air out of a big 25-inch front tire on a utility ATV. On the tire/wheel side, the ATVAIR’s brass air chuck holds itself in place by clipping to the valve stem. On the other end, you have to hold the small rubber plug to the end cap of the quad’s muffler. Don’t make a complete seal as the engine will choke out and die.

On the quad we used, we actually had to have another person open the throttle a quarter of the way to get the revs and help produce more air pressure. From fully flat to 6 psi inflation, it took under 30 seconds. Although we don’t think we were ever in danger of being burned from the muffler, we do recommend that you wear riding gloves when holding the ATVAIR to the quad’s muffler.
It’s as simple as it looks. A piece of vinyl tubing with an air chuck on one end and a rubber cone-shaped plug on the other transfers air from your quad’s muffler into a low tire. At $19.95, you could buy ATVAIR units for all of your family’s quads by calling (970) 946 4180 or ordering online at


We have used products before to transfer air from an engine combustion chamber (via the spark plug hole), and ATVAIR is way simpler to use. No tools are required. The product takes up very little space and offers an endless supply of air. The only thing that would make this product better is if it was sold as part of a kit with a few tire plugs and an insertion tool. To add the ATVAIR to your onboard tool kit, call ATVAIR at (970) 946 4180, or order it online at q

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