These ramps individually have an impressive 2000-pound load rating. The center rungs have traction groves to prevent slipping while the strap provide even more safety. (Inset) We use our pickups to the fullest everyday. Any type of bed extender is a welcomed tool, but one that doubles as a set of ramps is an added convenience.

When it comes time to load up and go riding, cargo space is always at a premium with us. Wether it’s a day trip with the pickup or an overnight stay with the toy hauler, packing everything in can be a hassle.
Any trips made with the pickups have become much easier since we recently discovered a product de­signed to help with space issues. The product is called the ATV Ramp Xtender from Extreme Max Products, and it sells for $349. If you think the price is a little steep, consider that a pair of high quality eight foot aluminum ramps can run between $100-$200, and a bed extender like the original one from Amp Research can run between $250-$350.
The great thing about this product is that it is actually both products in one. In its stowed state, the Ramp Xtender is a pickup truck bed extender that increases cargo capacity by using the tailgate area for storage.
It also creates more storage by doubling as a set of heavy-duty ATV ramps that don’t have to be stowed in the bed. So in the deployed position the ATV Ramp Xtender becomes two eight-foot ramps with a load carrying capability of 4000 pounds. That’s plenty strong enough to load today’s heavy ATVs and UTVs. The product will work on most full-sized trucks.

The product comes mostly assembled. To get going, all we had to do was select the right mounting straps (Ford, Chevy, Toyota etc…) and loop them around one of the rungs on each ramp. There was no drilling or bolting that needed to be done of any kind. That was a nice change of pace.
To secure the bed extender, it attaches with four nylon straps to the truck at the tailgate latch posts and at the locking mechanism. It then gets cinched up or removed with the same button type clamps that are found on a standard tie down.
Even without bolts or screws, the ATV Ramp Xtender stays pretty solid to the rear of our truck. Even on rough roads, we didn’t find that the Xtender would work its way loose or fall off.
In the deployed position, the thick aluminum ramps offer a stable platform to roll, ride or drive any ATV into the back of our Ford pickup. The ramps are strong and sturdy and don’t bend even with a 1000-pound vehicle on them.
We like the fact that the ramps come with security straps to keep them from moving during the loading process. To make things a little more user friendly, we added an extra quick link chain connector on each side of our bumper to make hooking on the straps that much easier. Now, there’s no guesswork as to where to hook them every time we go to use the ramps.
Another improvement we made was to use one of the extra, supplied straps to secure the two ramps together when they are stacked as a bed extender. This just takes away a little bit of the rattling they do when driving on a bumpy road.
The ATV Ramp Xtender is one of the most useful cargo products we have come across in a long time and is well worth looking into if you face the same lack of space we do. Extreme Max also sells other sized quality ramps, tie downs and ATV tire chains. Extreme Max Products is out of Lino Lakes, Minnesota and they can be reached at (877) 407-1457, or you can locate a dealer on-line by visiting