q For 30 years, AXO has been an industry leader in footwear, clothing and protective apparel for the motorsports industry. Today, AXO provides ATV enthusiasts with gear from head  to toe. While skimming through their 2011 catalog, their latest Frequency gear design caught our eye. It’s a funkier color scheme than we typically go for, but the price is right—at $210 for a set of pants, gloves and a jersey.


AXO’s Frequency jersey is constructed from 100-percent polyester, which is lightweight and feels comfortable to wear all day. The jersey features a unique neck panel, which offers a large opening that stays on the shoulders and off the neck. This is big because of irritation caused by other jerseys. The large neck opening breathes well, and the collar soaks up sweat rolling down your neck. The fit of the jersey was right on, too. The tail panel is extra long, and never came out of the pants while testing. The sublimated graphics look bright after a rough winter, and the whites have no sign of mud stains. The polyester design allowed us to use to the dryer at medium heat without shrinking the jersey. AXO’s Frequency jersey retails for $44.99, and is available in sizes XS-2XL in color combinations of blue/white and blue/yellow.

The AXO Frequency pants are some of the most comfortable pants we have tested this year. At $129.99, they are also the least expensive. By combining 600-denier nylon thigh panels with a punched nylon-blended thigh and crotch panel, the “shell” of the Frequency pants is very comfortable while riding. Even the thigh and waist are equipped with stretch panels, which seemed to improve movement in the pants.

The pants are much baggier around the knee area than all the other pants we have tested. This is due to large knee-to-calf stretch panels and AXO’s slip-fitting knee and thigh design, which suspends the thigh from the knee, allowing the knee panel to operate independently from the leg of the pant. This basically keeps the pants from pulling at the waist when you are wearing large knee braces. The “Slip Fit” pattern and design is also used on the rear saddle of the pant, which will prevent the mooning of your friends while riding.

AXO uses 1000-denier Kodra to layer the rear of the pants to resist snags, and grips well with most stock ATV seats. Genuine leather is utilized on the inner knee panels to reduce heat and wear caused by the motor and exhaust.

The pants are zipped and single-snapped, then tightened by side waist tabs that hold the waist of the pant securely. They are available in sizes 26-38 and match the color combinations of the Frequency jersey (blue/white or blue/yellow).

AXO’s Padlock gloves are made of a breathable mesh material on the upper part of the fingers and thumbs. This material breathes really well. If you plan on doing a lot of cold weather riding, though, you better bolt on some hand guards or your fingers will be chilly. The glove will work great in warmer weather; however, the wrist closure is larger and thicker than most gloves on the market. This will help them last longer, but it doesn’t breath as well, and sweat builds up faster. The Clarino palm is soft on the hand and held up well during testing. There is just enough of the pad for comfort, but doesn’t interfere with traction on the grips. On top of the glove is soft, flexible plastic graphics. The AXO logo on the fingertips are made of synthetic rubber and added a little bit of finger traction. Overall, the gloves have a nice feel to them. Even after a few days of riding, and a couple wash cycles, they stay snug. Sizes start at small and go to 3XL in colors red, blue and black. They retail for $39.99.
HJC’s Snell- and DOT-approved SPXN helmet is only $159.99. The MC-2’s design in blue looks great with the blue and white AXO Frequency gear. Smith’s $40 Fuel v.2 goggles are a great low-cost option as well.


For around $210, the AXO Frequency gear fits in the mid-cost category. However, it is right up their with top-of-the-line competitors in looks, quality and comfort. Through multiple test rides and wash sessions, the color and graphics still look new, which shows the quality in AXO products. We love the way our blue and white Frequency gear looked in action photos! If you want something a bit more radical, the blue and yellow color combination looks like it was pulled out of a ’80s fashion catalog. If you need some new quality threads, you might want to consider AXO this season. For more info, visit your local dealer or, or call (661) 257-0916. q

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