PRODUCT EVALUATION: AXO RIDE GEAR; Compression fabric under jersey

For 30 years AXO has been an industry leader in footwear, clothing and protective apparel for the motorsport industry. Today, AXO provides ATV enthusiasts with gear from head to toe, and they also have affordable choices in boots and helmets as well.
For 2009, AXO developed a jersey that incorporates a compression style fabric underneath. This type of material is used to keep your muscles tight against your body, and transfers sweat to the outside to keep you dry. It’s been worn by professional athletes, from sprinters to football players, for years. Why not bring the technology over to ATV riding?

AXO’s Compression Jersey is constructed of a three-piece Lycra/ Spandex. It is low cut in front, and flat against the back, to conform and hold your muscles firm. The multi-panel design works great to hug your body, but does not constrict. We found it great for motocross applications. The tapered sleeves reduce fatigue by cooling forearms and wicking moisture. This is good after you heat up while riding.
We noticed that in colder climates, the under-suit kept you a lot warmer than without it. When riding in the rain, it kept you dryer as well. Further down on the jersey, mesh side panels vent to cool muscles and evaporate your sweat while riding. Lastly, silicone gripper stripes on the bottom/outside of the jersey hold the over-vest in place and in the pants. The AXO compression jersey is available in sizes small through XXL. They retail for $44.99.
The AXO Team Issue Vest offers a lightweight cover for the compression jersey. Its waffle weave chest and shoulders feel good over the compression jersey. It is non-restrictive when riding hard, and has great airflow. The back and sides are fully vented and allow air to cool and exit over the body. The collar is non-restrictive and does not irritate the skin or interfere with breathing. Some jerseys we’ve tested in the past  rubbed our necks raw for the first couple of rides. Vest sizes match the compression under jersey with small through XXL. They come in red, blue, black and blue/yellow, and retail for $29.99.
The AXO Phoenix Pants are some of the most comfortable pants we have tested this year. However at $179, they are also the most expensive. A sublimated liner incorporates a stretch Lycra saddle, allowing a comfortable, unrestrictive fit. The rear saddle panels are also very strong and do not wear out easily, thanks to a minimal amount of seams. They feature six stretch rib panels that follow the body during dynamic movements like riding your ATV. Their anatomic tpr (plastic) panels are bonded to underlying mesh venting and become part of the pant. The heat and grip knee panels are made of high quality genuine leather. The thigh panels are made of punched 600 D Nylon combined with stretch mesh, Nylon mesh and Ballistic Nylons.
Inside the knee is AXO’s “slip-fit” knee system with a vented airprene inner leg and liner. Lower down on the leg, a directional stretch runs the length of the calf for added flexible comfort.
The pants felt great while riding, and held up to abuse in rain, mud and washing machines. We were overall impressed with the Phoenix pants. They are expensive, but if you are looking for a very comfortable, high quality pant, then the Phoenix pants fit the bill. The pants are available in sizes 28-38. And they match the color combinations of the Team Issue jersey of red, blue, black, blue/yellow.
AXO’s Padlock gloves are made of a breathable mesh material on the upper part and thumb. This material breathes really well. If you plan on doing a lot of cold weather riding with these, better bolt on some handguards. The Clarino palm with soft padding is matched with an airprene cuff and wrist closure. The pad is just enough for comfort, but doesn’t interfere with traction on the grips. On top of the hand are soft, flexible plastic graphics. The finger forchettes are made of a stretch Lycra material and are covered by synthetic fingertips. They feel nice and snug around the fingers even when wet. This is great for preventing blisters. These gloves are available in sizes small to XXL in colors red, blue, black and blue/yellow. They retail for $39.99.

Through multiple test rides and wash sessions, the color and graphics look new. That shows the quality in AXO products. You have to get used to the look of wearing an over-vest, but the compression jersey works great! The pants are some of the best quality and most comfortable we have seen, but like we said, they cost $170! If you need some new quality threads, you might want to consider AXO this season. For more info visit your local dealer or, or call (661) 257-0916.