q Ah, summertime; at this point it’s nearly over. We’ve been sweating all our water weight off riding and testing in the hot California sun, and, during our testing, we have been finding a lot of gear sets that work well. One set in particular is Axo’s Slash X gear, which is their newest top-shelf gear set positioned next to their X-Plosion livery. The gear is available in three colorways:  pink/purple (shown here), blue/orange and red/blue. The jersey can be had in small–XXL and the pants in waist sizes 28–44. Axo’s pants are usually spot-on with jean sizes.

The construction of the pants is what makes it so special. It features Axo’s slip-fit knee, which allows the knee and lower shin panel to float free of the thigh when your leg is flexing to prevent it from pulling on the waist. The seat of the pants has the same stretch technology, and the waist closure is tight and secure. When you’re riding hard, the pants never bunch up or move on you; it just stays comfortably fit to your body without tugging on the waist. Real leather lines the knees, and the thighs are hole-punched nylon for breathing and sweat-wicking. The liners on the pants are strong and secure, and the cuffs of the pant legs don’t bunch up in your boots.

There is plenty of room for knee braces or pads inside the pants, and testers raved about the comfortable fit. The single-snap waist and dual-velcro sides ensure a perfect fit, and the pants breathe very well. The jersey has real cuffs on it—something you don’t see a lot of these days, which we like. The neck has a low front cut for neck braces so it won’t ride up and choke you, and the cut looks cool too. The graphics are flashy but aren’t cheesy, and the whole gear as a package looks very good, especially on our model and test rider, Heather Haman. All the gear is completely machine washable and doesn’t blow out or fray quickly.


When we tested the gear, Axo sent us some of their $24 SX gloves, which are about as light as rubber surgical gloves. For riding on the track, they’re great; however, we much prefer their $40 Padlock gloves. While they’re more expensive, they are one of the best gloves we’ve tested, mainly because the finger material wraps around and is sewn together not on the fingertips but on the knuckle area that resists blowing out the tips of the gloves, which we have done on 9 out of 10 pairs we have ridden with lately. The Padlock glove also has a sort of armored back and stretch closure that keep the glove from bunching up on the grip. It’s a great addition to the Slash X gear. Overall, we rate the Slash X gear from Axo high on our list, and the prices aren’t too outrageous, especially if you shop online or get a dealership to price match!

The pants retail for $132, the jersey is $48 and the gloves are $24. It can all be found by calling Axo at (877) AXO-RACE or by logging on to q
The Slash X gear looks great and fits well on Heather Haman.

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