PRODUCT EVALUATION: Get with the protection program 

By the staff of Dirt Wheels

The standard Polaris RZR Turbo S roll cage from BFD Off-Road looks great and offers much more protection than the stock one. You can have them add intrusion bars like we wanted.


We recently watched a video of a UTV sailing off a vast sand dune in Glamis of Southern California. In the air, the machine turned sideways, and when it landed, it continued to roll end over end violently until it reached the bottom of the dune. Thanks to a well-constructed aftermarket roll cage, the inhabitants of the machine walked away; the machine was absolutely destroyed.

Our sport is full of the best of times, but when the fun can get flipped upside down, it’s smart to have protection on your side. We recently met up with our buddies over at BFD Off-Road to pick up a roll cage for our current Polaris RZR XP Turbo S Velocity project.

BFD finishes off their cage with their logo. We had them powdercoat it a Metallic Silver to match the RZR plastics. You can see the extra bracing they included at these connection points.



BFD’s RZR roll cage comes in two flavors: standard or low profile. With those two options, you will be able to choose a fastback bumper that runs from the cage around the back of the bed to the rear-radius rod mount.

You can also include front and rear V-bars, also known as intrusion bars, for extra cage strength. BFD utilizes 1 3/4-inch diameter main tubes for the construction of the cage. The rear intrusion bars are 1 1/2-inch diameter, while the fronts are a small 1 1/4-inch diameter so you can see around them easier.

A straight brace is included in the roof of any version of their roll cage and an aluminum roof comes standard. The roof can be easily removed via Dzus fittings in case you need to clean it or add accessories to the cage. Pricing starts at $1,750 and goes up depending on what you add onto the cage, which can include powder coating.



We decided to go with BFD Off-Road’s standard roll cage for our RZR project. It provides enough headroom for taller riders and ones that wear helmets with top-mounted air pumper inlets.

Protection is far too important for us, so we had the intrusion bars installed, which strengthens the cage. The stock Polaris cage is designed to handle tip-overs and small rollovers. This roll cage can withstand a violent end-over-end tumble. 

Little details like the welded-on BFD logo and standard roof bracing make this cage even more attractive. We had them finish it off in a Metallic Silver powder coat that looks brilliant!

If you want one of their cages shipped to you, we suggest getting it in raw form and having your local powder-coater take care of the color, but if you can pick it up in person, you won’t need to risk transport flaws. Go to or call (760) 789-5896.

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